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Odysseus Heroism Essay, Research Paper

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Odysseus heroismThe journey in Homer & # 8217 ; s tragic verse form involves a trial which will turn out whether the chief character, Odysseus, is worthy of accomplishing his end. To be worthy is to posses the qualities of a hero, such as strength, bravery, religion, intelligence, niceness, cordial reception, regard for the Gods and fond regard to his household. During his journey, Odysseus faces many obstructions, such as sexual enticements, Poseidon & # 8217 ; s storms, and his comrades & # 8217 ; foolish Acts of the Apostless, but at the terminal he is able to get the better of these hardships because of his heroic qualities. During the journey that Odysseus undertakes, all these features are presented. His religion is displayed in his conversation with Kalypso ( V, 219-224 ) . In this transition, Kalypso tries to convert Odysseus to remain with her by stating him the adversity he will hold to travel through, but he is faithful to his ultimate end and responds that he will digest every trouble sent to him by Poseidon. One of the most of import heroic qualities that Odysseus possesses is his intelligence, which he shows throughout the verse form. Through his intelligence, Odysseus is ever able to avoid or get the better of all his enticements and physical obstructions. For case, in book IX Odysseus and his comrades face Polyphemos. Poseidon & # 8217 ; s boy is much stronger than Odysseus and his comrades, but the hero really smartly tricks the Cyclopss ( IX, 412-413 ) , and they manage to get away. Furthermore, strength is another of Odysseus & # 8217 ; epic qualities. Odysseus & # 8217 ; strength is displayed in the 2nd portion of the verse form, when he really gently strings the bow which none of the suers could thread. This transition non merely shows how str

ong Odysseus is, but besides shows his daintiness when utilizing his strength.

However, Odysseus has other qualities other than intelligence and strength. In book V Odysseus & # 8217 ; emotional qualities are displayed when Hermes goes to Ogigya and finds the hero weeping in the beach ( lines 151-158 ) because he can non bear the hurting of being separated from his household. In this transition, Homer gives the image of an affectional and caring hero. The fond regard to his household is what gives Odysseus the motive to acquire place. Furthermore, Odysseus possesses a virtuousness that is positively portrayed by Homer & # 8217 ; s society: celebrity. In Homer & # 8217 ; s society, to accomplish celebrity one had to fight and get the better of many obstructions. Odysseus has suffered for a long clip and go celebrated, as he states in a conversation with Alkino s ( IX, 19-20 ) . In the 2nd portion of the verse form Odysseus eventually arrives in Ithaca. Once at place, he uses his heroic qualities to kill the suers and accomplish his concluding end. First, he needs bravery and religion to follow Athene & # 8217 ; s advice of killing the suers. Then, utilizing his intelligence, he thinks up a program, and eventually, with all his strength, manages to put to death it. Odysseus inhuman treatment in this portion of the verse form is understood by Homer & # 8217 ; s audience to be a good heroic quality because the Gods took active portion in the violent death of the suers. Odysseus possesses all the heroic qualities that Homer depicts every bit positive in his society. In contrast, Odysseus & # 8217 ; s comrades were courageous and brave, but they did non hold the moral values of a hero and they gave into desperation. That is why at the terminal merely the hero, Odysseus, passes all the trials and achieves his ultimate end: his homecoming. by mr_campeador @ yahoo.com

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