Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Essay

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Show how Steinbeck shows two characters doing hard determinations in Of mice and Men A determination can either hold a good or bad result. In ‘Of Mice and Men’ characters are made to take hard determinations which could alter their lives. In this essay. I will be analysing ways in which Steinbeck portrays ( shows ) hard determinations made by characters. in the novel. George makes some tough determinations which all lead him to his wretchedness. When George and Lennie are sitting near the fire. George says to Lennie. “‘if I was entirely I could populate so easy’ ‘no muss at all’ . ‘An’ whatta I got…I got you! ’ ” George’s life is non easy because he has to cover with Lennie. who gets into trouble-most of the clip. Choosing to take attention of Lennie. alternatively of abandoning him is a tough pick ; this is what leads George to this painful result.

When speaking to Carlson after killing Lennie. “George’s voice was about a susurration. He looked at his manus that held the gun. ” George is now lonely sand he feels guilty for taking Lennie’s life off. George chose to kill Lennie because if he didn’t. Lennie would be killed distressingly by Curley. and George does non desire Lennie to endure. Candy is forced to do hard picks which all consequence in him confronting awful results. After the decease of his Canis familiaris. Candy says “‘I ought to of shooting that dog myself. George. I shouldn’t ought to of allow no alien hit my Canis familiaris. ’” Candy now has a feeling of sorrow and he misses his Canis familiaris. Candy lets Carlson hit his Canis familiaris because he feels he has no other pick but to allow him because he thinks they would kick him off the spread.

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After happening Curley’s married woman dead. cognizing it was Lennie. Candy “spoke his greatest fright. ‘You an’ me can acquire that small topographic point can’t we. George? ’ ‘Candy dropped his caput and looked down at the hay. He knew. ’ ” Candy’s dreams are now flattened as he knows that they will no longer go on to seek to acquire the small spread. He had so much hope when he decided to fall in George and Lennie on their dream. but now he has to remain on the spread because he has no other options. Candy merely wanted to acquire off the spread and maintain his Canis familiaris. but could non make either because of the picks he was forced to do.

These characters made difficult determinations which they thought would do their lives better but alternatively they changed their lives for the worse. They all merely wanted a happy life but they all lost the opportunity to acquire this felicity at the terminal of the novel. Whether their picks were forced or freely made. they did non do the right determinations to make their dreams.

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