Of Mice and Men Character Analysis: Loneliness Essay

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In Of Mice and Men many characters are lonely or at least act that manner. The characters I think are lonely are Lennie. George. Candy. Crooks. and Curley’s Wife. The solitariness in the narrative is what causes most of the struggle in the narrative. Everyone in this narrative is lonely or must hold been lonely. I think solitariness is one of the most of import parts of this narrative. Lennie is one of the loneliest characters in the book. He makes friends with animate beings. he likes to pet them and speak to them even if they are dead. Him being lonely even caused him to acquire problem in weed. As a bright side to it. as consequence he meets his best friend. George. who helps him through the remainder of the narrative. It is genuinely the best relationship throughout the whole book. Lennie nevertheless is still lonely with George. When they get to their new occupation he gets into even more problem due to his solitariness ; first killing his whelp followed by making the same to Curley’s Wife.

Crooks is lonely. nevertheless I think he likely most times is merely overlooked. No 1 wants to be with him because of his race. This does take topographic point when there was still segregation. Even his room is set aside from the remainder. While everyone slumbers in the bunk house he sleeps out in the stable with the Equus caballuss. Then one of the lone times they spend clip with Crooks. in my sentiment. was non a enjoyable experience for him.

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Candy had his Canis familiaris. Which he must hold truly liked and he must hold had it for a long clip because when everyone else was ill of the Canis familiaris he still kept him about. This is why I think Candy was sad during the continuance of the narrative or before. Finally he does allow travel of the Canis familiaris but he can’t even kill it.

Curley’s married woman ever acts like she is lonely. I say she is most likely playing because there is a possibility that she is the sort of egotistic individual who ever needs more and more attending. She is ever “looking for Curley” and she ends up chiefly merely taking to whoever she finds. She even goes every bit far as to offer Lennie to experience her hair. At one point at her life she even had the opportunity to go an actress where she would hold been able to make the maximal degree for attending. She had this one time in a life clip chance stripped from her by her female parent. That’s why I believe she feels she needs all the attending she actively seeks out.

George in the narrative has merely one true friend. Lennie. This friendly relationship is merely out of commiseration. but I don’t believe George would purposefully abandon Lennie. George keeps Lennie in good standing with other people and attempts to maintain him out of problem. George does acquire along with the other characters but I don’t think any of them truly are a true friendly relationship like what he has with Lennie.

The solitariness progress the narrative like so. Lennnie’s purdah and love to experience soft things causes the accident in Weed with the girl’s frock. George’s privacy. supervising. and company with Lennie evidences George to be entangled with him. Lennie once more being bare makes him inquire George for one of Slim’s whelps. He kills this whelp on accident after it bites him. He is sitting in the barn believing about what he had done and even negotiations to the deceased puppy. Curley’s married woman finds him in the barn and in a manner tries to soothe him. Lennie being the unsmooth individual he unluckily is kills her on accident. All of these events were merchandise of person experiencing entirely.

As this paper has exhaustively shown most of the characters in Of Mice and Men where lonely and were at one point in their life. All of the struggle originates in someone’s hunt for attending. love. or friendly relationship. That the chief constituent at the nucleus of the narrative is loneliness.

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