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Of Mice And Men: Four Major Themes Essay, Research Paper

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Of Mice and Men: Four Major Subjects

& # 8220 ; Of Mice and Men & # 8221 ; , by John Steinbeck, is composed of four major subjects.

These subjects are the value of dreams and ends, moral duty, societal

unfairness, and the bond of friendly relationship and trueness.

The value of dreams and ends are that they provide hope and the desire

to maintain traveling in life, instead than puting down to decease. When Lennie is experiencing

depressed in the forests he asks George to state him about the & # 8220 ; dream farm & # 8221 ; once more.

This is the farm that Geore and Lennie hope to have someday. Even though this

dream seems about impossible at the clip it still generates adequate hope to

maintain Lennie and George traveling. When George starts speaking bout it Lennie gets

all excited and happy and so does George. Another illustration of the power of

dreams is when Candy over hears George and Lennie & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; dream farm & # 8221 ; and becomes a

portion of the dream. Candy goes from a down sad additude to a cheerful

aroused one. He now has hope of making something and it came from the & # 8220 ; dream

farm & # 8221 ; . A concluding illustration of the value of dreams and ends is when Crooks hears

of the farm. Crooks is a alone black adult male who has no hereafter, but when he

starts to believe of how he can be a portion of the dream he besides gets happy and

excited, until his dream is crushed.

Many people of good character have to honour certin moral responibilites.

George is bond by his ain moral to take attention attention of Lennie. No 1 makes him

make it, he merely does it because it feel like the right thing to make. Candy felt

like he neglected his moral responibility to hit his ain Canis familiaris. Candy felt

existent bad indoors because it was his occupation to hit his Canis familiaris but alternatively Carlson

shooting him. This shows that when a individual goes against what is moraly right to

them, they hate themselves for it. At the terminal of the narrative George is forced,

out of moral, to hit Lennie. It was the right thing to make, and even though

it about killed George inside to kill his best friend, he still did it.

Social unfairness is when a individual or a goup of people feel they are

P >

better than people who are different by race, inteligence, age, sex, or other

differences. Curley is ill-mannered and average toward Lennie for the exclusive ground that

Lennie is a large cat. Curely dosn & # 8217 ; t like large cats so he singles out Lennie and

onslaughts him. Another good illustration of societal unfairness is Crooks. Crooks has to

be entirely all the clip because he is black. When Crooks tells Miss Curley to

go forth his room Miss Curley threatens that she can acquire him linched. This reduces

Criminals to a large heap of nil and crushes Crooks dreams of traveling to the

& # 8220 ; dream farm & # 8221 ; . Crooks lone responds with a series of & # 8220 ; yes mam & # 8221 ; & # 8217 ; s so becomes

beyond depressed. The power that one individual can stop another & # 8217 ; s life with a

individual prevarication without and grounds is a premier illustration of societal unfairness. A concluding

illustration of societal unfairness is Candy being old. He is treated old and useless,

if he stuck up for Crooks about the Miss Curley lie no 1 would believe him.

Miss Curley laughs at Lennie, Crooks, and Candy because to her they are all

below her.

The bond of friendly relationship and trueness is a force that keep people looking

out for each other, instead than themselves. When Lennie is acquiring beat up by

Curley and Lennie, Lennie wasn & # 8217 ; t contending back because he was being loyal to

George & # 8217 ; s bespeak for him non to do problem. George sees lennie acquiring round

up and Tells Lennie to contend back out of friendly relationship. When Crooks starts

stating Lennie that George might decease or acquire hurt Lennie gets huffy. He feel that

person, Crooks, might ache his friend and about battles Crooks to support his

friend. Candy shows trueness when he tells Miss Curley that he would lodge up on

Crooks behalf if she tried to lie and shout colza.

Steinbeck used these four subjects to demo what jobs America was

confronting at the clip. A clip of racial unfairness, loss ethical motives, tainted

truenesss, lost hope and besotted dreams. The people needed their eyes opened

to what is of import to everyone as a whole instead than to one. In the conflict

to lift up in the universe, people seldom attention who is on the underside and why they

are at that place.

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