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Of Mice And Men ( Not A Drumhead Essay, Research Paper

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Of Mice and Men Essay

If you try difficult you can accomplish anything, That is what most people say and think it is true. But that s non the instance all the clip. Sometimes you can t achieve everything you work for. Achieving what you want, such as a end or a dream largely comes true to the common difficult worker. Yet there are some people left out into the cold. This relates to The Novel, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. The characters, such as George, Crooks and Curley s Wife prove that non all dreams come true.

In the book Lennie killed George s dream to holding his ain farm. The dream George had was to hold a farm of his ain one twenty-four hours and populate off the fat of the land. With this Dream he allowed Lennie to assist with the dream since he ever has to make things with him. Subsequently into the book one of the work forces besides working at the farm decided to fall in to see their possibility of acquiring the farm since George wouldn t be able to make it by himself. But as fortune would hold it nil worked out the manner it should hold. Lennie, being the non so smart individual he is killed Curley s Wife accidentally by snarling her cervix. From this George knew that the dream would non be accomplished and had no pick but to hit Lennie. This is one perfect illustration of how non all dreams come true.

Criminals had his dream shattered by Curley s Wife to maintain him from woolgathering at all. In Chapter 4 of the book Crooks found out about the dream that Lennie and Candy had put together and thought approximately fall in them in the farm. At first he was disbelieving about the whole state of affairs because he thought that Lennie was moving loony. Bing in the clip he was and the colour of his tegument he thought that there would be no hope for him. But after speaking to Lennie he began to believe of how nice it would be if he had a farm of his ain since he wouldn t of all time be able to hold it really go on. While I

n this province of head where he thought that he could make anything, Curley s Wife comes in to give him some discriminating words. This brought Crooks back down to Earth and allowed him to believe realistically. Crooks shortly realized to bury about dreaming because he would ne’er hold a successful one anyhow. This is a great illustration on how a made dream can yet be achieved.

Curlye s Wife s Dream would ne’er come true non go forthing her with anything at the terminal. She dreamed of being and histrion and life in the large times. She was ne’er able to be successful through it. The managers said they would give her a function but ne’er did. With ne’er being able to be an actress she saw Curley and decided to get married him since she knew she wouldn t be able to accomplish her dream. From this she had to settle with a hubby she didn Ts like go forthing here with a really unhappy for the remainder of her life. Not holding any of her dreams accomplished she thought it was over with her, no 1 would speak to her or attention about her. She was down to her last resort. From this she was unluckily killed by Lennie, holding her cervix snapped. This is a perfect illustration on how dreams that are set don T ever go on.

George, Crooks and Curley s Wife, are three good illustrations of what happens to woolgather sometimes. This book deals greatly on dreams. With these three characters I don t see any one of them to be able to reconstruct his or her dream. I don t see George being in charge of a farm with no 1 large to assist him out. Crooks won t of all time be respected to go forth him with being an castaway for the remainder of his life. Last is Curley s Wife, who is dead so that explains it right at that place. Dreams come true a batch, they even come true every twenty-four hours. Peoples achieve a batch, get metals and do extraordinary things. But there are some people who don t achieve much go forthing them with nil such as rotters. This is why I say ; even the difficult worker won t achieve everything he or she has hoped for.

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