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Of Mice And Men_imagry Essay, Research Paper

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Clinging together in the face of lonliness and disaffection, George and Lennie urgently seek to get away their poorness, and strive to transform their chimeral dream into a world. This dear dream is what sets George and Lennie aside from the other work forces, yet ironically it is so easy shattered. Throughout the book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, voluminous comparings to animate beings are stated, meaning that their counter manner of life was non suited for worlds ; This carnal imagination helps clarify the slightly abstract ideals and character traits present in the text. Lennie? s demeanour is compared to many animate beings, Lennie? s decease is compared to the decease of Curly? s Canis familiaris, and even the terminal of George? s and Lennie? s dream is represented by a Hero and the serpent.

To thoroughly depict Lennie? s eccentric temperament, Steinbeck compares him to a bear, Equus caballus, terrier, and a bull. Large and capable of force, yet clueless and stamp like a bear Lennie is wholly unpredictable at times. Lennie is besides similar to a bear in that his custodies are immense like bear paws, and in the shutting of the narrative he is said to? Creep every bit mutely as a bear would. ? Snorting into the H2O, Lennie reminds George of a Equus caballus. Similarly to how Lennie is compared to bear, he is said to be every bit strong as a bull ; Lennie is besides loath like a terrier who does non desire to convey a ball to his maestro, but Lennie eventually gives George his mouse. The brightly deep prefiguration of Lennie? s decease is told through the shot of Candy? s Canis familiaris. Candy? s Canis familiaris is old and is non utile any more, so th

erefore the work forces in the bunk house want to dispose of him. Coercing the loath Candy to allow them kill his Canis familiaris was an backbreaking undertaking, but the repetitive nagging eventually makes Candy capitulate his old Canis familiaris to them. The Canis familiaris is non merely unsuspicious, but besides helpless to the slug that passes through the base of his skull killing him in an instant though without hurting. Analogously Lennie is killed the same manner, and even though George is loath, he knows that it is his duty putting to death Lennie. Probably the most tragic point in the narrative is the realisation that George and Lennie? s dream will non come true. A small serpent slithering in the pool of H2O, wholly unsuspecting his destiny, is all of a sudden swallowed by a Hero looking to fulfill his hungriness. Curly? s married woman is seeking to fulfill her hungriness for person to discourse with, person who will listen to her narratives and to sympathize with her. She causes Lennie to interrupt her cervix, which ends Lennie? s life, and all of a sudden shatters his, George? s, Candy? s, and Crook? s dream. These illustrations of animate being imagination aid exemplify John Steinbeck? s message, and specify the present subject.

The characters in the book posses many eclectic features which make correspond to certain animate beings. This tragic narrative possesses a certain cloak-and-dagger message, and it can be interpreted in many different ways. The one point that is most evidently stated is that being different is non easy, and that some people are non meant to be on this Earth. Another conspicuous impression is that dreams should be guarded strongly, because every bit hurriedly as you conceived them they could be snatched from you without mildness.

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