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Osama Bin Laden Essay, Research Paper

Problems: Should Osama Bin Laden be hunted down, because he is a menace to the U.S. ? OSAMA BIN LADEN

Osama bin Laden, a Saudi-born multimillionaire who runs terrorist developing cantonments that focused on hatred towards the United States of America, should be taken down at any cost if major terrorist onslaughts against the U.S. and other states should be stopped. He runs his terrorist organisation from a well-equipped central office outside Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Bin Laden is good known for his holy war against America and would assail Americans & # 8211 ; military and civilian & # 8211 ; all over the universe.

Bin Laden promoted a fatwa, a spiritual directive, telling onslaughts on Americans. His hatred for Americans remainders on the fact that the U.S. Government, harmonizing to bin Laden, [ ] has committed Acts of the Apostless that are highly unfair, horrid and condemnable, through its support of the Israeli business of Palestine. He adds

[ ] we believe the U.S. is straight responsible for those killed in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. His aggression towards the U.S. still continues, because U.S. military personnels are located in Arabia, the holiest topographic point for the Muslims. By Islamic regulation, it is non allowable for any non-Muslim to remain in Muslim districts. Therefore he has focused on striking at the U.S. soldiers inside Arabia, the state of the two holiest topographic points, Mecca and Medina. Bin Laden late convened a meeting of fundamentalist extremists and patrons of terrorist act. More than 150 churchmans named themselves the International Islamic Front for the Jihad against Jews and Crusaders, and issued a assortment of fatwas. This forepart is committed to throw outing all Americans and Jews from Muslim Holy Lands, and to subverting the Saudi royal household along the manner. It was the beginning of a alliance of Muslim groups that has been around since the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

The U.S. State Department says that Bin Laden is one of the chief moneymans of Islamic extremism around the universe. He is believed to hold been the force behind many onslaughts against U.S. military mans and tourers overseas every bit good as terrorist onslaughts in the U.S. itself. The U.S. authorities links him to terrorist groups in Egypt, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Algeria and onslaughts on U.S. soldiers in Yemen and Somalia. The U.S. State Department believes that the 41 twelvemonth old bin Laden was the originator behind the hideous World Trade Center bombing in New York a few old ages ago, and has plotted to kill the President of the U.S.A. , Bill Clinton, and the Pope, John Paul II, legion times. U.S. intelligence functionaries believe Bin Laden swallow

plied military personnels and projectile launchers that shot down U.S. chopper in Mogadishu, Somalia, in October 1993, killing 18 military mans. These cold blooded slayings have yet to see a penalty for the attacker. They besides believe he is behind the November 1995 bombardment of a Saudi base in Riyadh that killed six Americans. Recently, Bin Laden has been connected to the U.S. Embassy bombardments in Kenya and Tanzania, that killed over 300 people, on the belief that his terrorist cantonments trained the people who carried out the bombardments. The U.S. has retaliated against Bin Laden for his terrorist actions in the U.S. bombardments, by bombing one of his many terrorist developing cantonments in Afghanistan, and a pharmaceutical mill in Sudan. This mill is believed have been financed by Bin Laden himself, and produced VX nervus gas, a lifelessly gas, which would hold been used for terrorist actions. One can merely presume that the gas would be used against the U.S. with a deathly force. These actions of Bin Laden s are unjust and unfair to the U.S. .People – military and civilian should non be killed out of spiritual beliefs. Conflicts should be solved utilizing diplomatic agencies, non force.

But yet Bin Laden uses his 1000000s to bankroll terrorist preparation cantonments in the Sudan, the Philippines, and Afghanistan, directing holy warriors to incite revolution and battle with fundamentalist Muslim forces across North Africa, in Chechnya and Tajikistan, even Bosnia. These cantonments have been funded for the exclusive intent of developing work forces for terrorist onslaughts. The FBI believes that Bin Laden has set up in kernel a foundation, where any terrorist can use. Bin Laden is said to personally command about $ 300 million of his household s $ 5 billion luck. His function as a moneyman of terrorist act is polar, experts say, because he has revolutionized the funding of extremist motions by organizing and funding his ain private panic web. Bin Laden has devoted non merely his ain luck, but his concern acumen to the cause through a cloudy web he calls the Foundation for Islamic Salvation. It is believed that he funnels money into the publicity of terrorist causes around the universe.

Terrorists should be pursued until the terminal and punished because otherwise the deficiency of action is perceived as failing. This failing will ensue in more onslaughts. They are state of affairss when the diplomatic negotiations is non adequate and more terrible steps have to be taken. Just because Bin Laden is following his spiritual beliefs does non intend that he has the right to kill guiltless human existences in cold blood.. He has proven himself as an tremendous menace non merely to the American populace but the whole universe.


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