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The four chief characters in the drama Othello represent four different character

traits of manhood: Roderigo, the failure ; Othello, the hero, yet the insane

lover ; Cassio, the Lords ; and Iago, the scoundrel, yet the strongest character

of the drama. Of these four characters Roderigo reveals the weakest character

traits. Iago effortlessly net incomes from Roderigo? s lack in a

intelligence, in fact Iago himself said he would non blow clip and attempt on

? such a snipe? ( I iii 387 ) except for? athletics and profit. ? Towards the terminal

of the drama Roderigo reveals some traits that might sort him as a adult male with a

spinal column. He eventually stands up to Iago and threatens to expose the confederacy

against Othello and Cassio, but finally his defects overmaster his virtuous

traits and he is persuaded by Iago to kill Cassio alternatively. Likewise, Othello is

the tragic hero of the drama but his character is besides weak. Jealousy is

Othello? s major ruin. He reveals his insecurities in the scene where he

work stoppages Desdemona and calls her a? Satan? . Similarly, in the whorehouse scene,

Othello? s insecurities arise when he cruelly inquiries Desdemona. He condemns

her as a? simple prostitute? and a? prostitute? , which he has no existent cogent evidence of.

Iago besides easy manipulates Othello, like Roderigo, throughout the drama.

Othello is naif. He demonstrates that a few well-placed suggestions can change

his train of idea, such as when Iago was speaking to Cassio and made Othello

believe that the lieutenant was talking of Desdemona alternatively of Bianca. On the

whole, Othello Washington

s a weak character and a naif adult male. In contrast, Cassio? s

character is strong. He spoke about Othello with self-respect and grace, which no

other character in the drama does. Besides, Cassio showed utmost trueness to the

Moor. Cassio? s merely defect is that he temporarily lost his power of concluding

when he was intoxicated and allow himself be manipulated by Iago. All in all, Cassio is

a good illustration of how a adult male should move ; with self-respect and award. Likewise,

Iago? s character is besides strong. He is an intelligent adult male as can seen in the

monologue where he is hatching a program to border Cassio? to acquire his topographic point? ( I

three ) . In the monologue Iago? s intelligence is revealed in the statement

? How, How? & # 8211 ; To mistreat Othello? s ear / That [ Cassio ] is excessively familiar with his

wife. ? ( I iii 396-39 ) . Iago used his intelligence to believe of a program to border

Cassio and convey down Othello at the same clip. Iago is besides a confident adult male.

Throughout the monologue Iago is confident? That the Moor? Will be tenderly

led by the nose./ As buttockss are? ( I iii 401- 404 ) and will be easy

manipulated. However, if Iago had used his good character traits for good he

would hold been the hero of the drama alternatively of Othello. On the whole,

Shakespeare did an first-class occupation on puting the character traits for the male

characters in the drama: Roderigo was the? snipe? ; Cassio, the baronial

gentleman ; Othello, the fallen? baronial Moor? ; and Iago, the intelligent,

confident and chesty self-made scoundrel. All the Characters in the drama had

some good traits but each of them had an dismaying property that led to their


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