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Ozone Essay, Research Paper

Ozone is an of import molecule in keeping the homeostasis in the

environment. Ozone, the molecule O3, makes a bed in the stratosphere,

situated 10 to 15 kilometres from the Earth & # 8217 ; s surface. The dioxide

molecule, O2 and Oxygen atom O, collide with each other consequence in the

formation of Ozone, O3. In this reaction, the molecule O3 contains an extra

of energy. Once the molecule is formed, it is non stable plenty to last

long. The energy-rich O3 molecules discards the extra energy by clashing

with another atom or molecule and reassigning the energy in the signifier of

heat. In the consequences of the decomposition of ozone into O2 and O in the

ozone bed, solar radiation is absorbed. This procedure of the chemical bond

interrupting doing the soaking up of a photon by a molecule is called

photodissociation. Radiation with sufficient strength, is capable of

dividing the O3 molecule, ensuing in photodissociation. The cyclic

procedure formation and decomposition of ozone provides a shield against

UV radiation that enter the Earth & # 8217 ; s atmosphere. If it were non for

the chemical reaction of radiation and ozone in the stratosphere, these

high-energy photons would perforate the Earth & # 8217 ; s surface. The ozone bed

absorbers about 99 % of the harmful radiation which makes it possible for

animate beings and workss to populate on the planet.

In 1974, F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina of the University of

California proposed that Cl from CFCs ( Chlorofluorocarbons ) could

consume the ozone bed. Get downing in 1957 to 1985, the British Antarctic

Survey had measured the mean ozone concentration over Halley Bay in

Antarctica. Up until 1974, the ozone concentration remained stable. Yet

after 1974, the squad observed a diminution of the ozone bed to degrees less

than 10 % . From this survey the consciousness over the danger of the & # 8220 ; hole & # 8221 ; and

UV radiation and the devastation being done to the Earth.

Scientists believe the spread outing ozone hole, which is centered over

Antarctica was caused by Chloroflurocarbons. Chlorofluorocarbons are released into the

environment through such beginnings as spray tins, air conditioners,

mills, refrigerants and cleansing merchandises. Chlorofluorocarbons are unsafe to the

atmosphere because after they are released into the environment, the

sunshine interruptions down the compound. The Cl molecules react with the

ozone molecules by for good interrupting down the molecule, therefore decreasing

the ozone bed. This rise poses a major menace environment. In 1985, in

Vienna and in 1987 in Montreal, a Protocol was signed suggesting the gradual

expiration of usage of Chlorofluorocarbons over the decennaries. A dramatic decrease in the

usage of Chlorofluorocarbons was agreed on. Regulations to restrict the production of

fluorocarbon-11 and fluorocarbon-12 are being implemented in a figure of

states. Yet scientist are still concerned for what the hereafter holds.

Scientist have estimated that the mean rate of ozone depletion is 0.5 %

per twelvemonth. For this ground, scientists are forcing for happening some option to

repair the catastrophe.

Hydrofluorocarbons and HCFCs have been proposed as CFC

replacings. The atmospheric combinations expected to bring forth

trifluoroacetate ( TFA ) , which is removed chiefly by the rain. Yet there still

are jobs which scientist are seeking to screen out. The planetary norm TFA

concentration is really low, yet there is some concerns in state of affairss of high

vaporization, and the affects of TFA. TFA in high concentration could

suppress the works growing, a hazard that could turn black.

Another harmful ozone destroyer is Mythl bromide which is used by husbandmans

for plagues control, which is found in leaded gasolene, and Marine workss

discharge it into the air. Mythl bromide reacts the same manner as

chloroflurocarbons, with the bromide molecule destructing the ozone. Why

Mythl bromide is non every bit much of a job as Chlorofluorocarbons is because bromide does

non survive as long in the ambiance. By 1991, CFC & # 8217 ; s had been steadfastly

established Cl as the rule cause of the devastation of the ozone

molecule, but scientist are still diffident about the grade of danger that

myth bromide and other compounds pose to the ozone bed.

To find the depletion of the ozone bed, the National Aeronautic and

Space Administration ( NASA ) has been analyzing the stratosphere and to

step the concentration of ozone, aerosol atoms, N oxides,

hydrogenoxied, and CFCs. Scientist analyzing the effects of the depletion

of ozone agreed that there was a turning eroding in the ozone bed.

Scientist have besides agreed that the ozone bed has dropped to every bit much as

10 % . There is a chilling analogue in the rise in the sum of UV

beams and the hole in the ozone. This threatens all living things. Scientist

hold predicted a 5 to 20 per centum addition in ultraviolet radiation in the

following 40 old ages. Some scientists have besides predicted that for every 1 %

lessening in the ozone bed, there will be a 2 % addition in the in incidence

of skin malignant neoplastic disease. The addition of ultraviolet radiation ( UVR ) is one of the

chief hazard factors for skin malignant neoplastic disease. High exposure to ultraviolet radiation

can weaken the immune system.

In workss, the cells are damaged by the rise in ultraviolet radiation. With

the go oning rise in ultra-violet B radiation ( different frequence 280-320

nm ) workss have become the following victims. In workss, there are several

marks for UV-B beams. UV-B beams decelerate down the photosynthesis,

productiveness, and growing in workss. Such affects could intend 20 % to 25 %

lessening in harvest outputs. UV-B beams straight amendss the workss DNA in the

chloroplast. From soaking up of the high energy photons, the works becomes

damaged. For the increasing degrees of UV-B beams and UV-A beams, husbandmans

concern about the extremely possible decrease in outputs.

Scientists have done a batch to research a job that has been late

been discovered. In the apprehension of how the ozone bed plants, and it^ ? s

importance, happening a manner to halt the depletion of the ozone bed has

become necessary. The Ozone bed is indispensable for their to be life on

Earth. All living things can non populate in an environment of high radiation.

For this scientific discipline and worlds are looking for ways to repair the job.


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