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Analogues between Beowulf and The Hobbit Canst thou draw out leviathan with a hook? Canst 1000 put an hook into his olfactory organ? Or tire his jaw through with a irritant. . . his graduated tables are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal. . .. Out of his oral cavity go firing lamps, and flickers of fire spring out. ( Job:1-2,15,19 ) When you take the clip to compare modern narratives about firedrakes with ancient one s it becomes obvious that modern authors use the same theoretical account firedrake for their firedrake character as did the antediluvian authors. Between the heroic poem Beowulf and the modern epic The Hobbit, there are many analogues. The firedrakes have the same type of bed. They sleep on a hill of stolen hoarded wealth. A male monarch s ransom of

ancient hoarded wealth ballad in that Earth house. Once, long ago, a baronial warrior had given the affair grave thought before he hid that huge heritage beloved to his people. . . . . . a kingdoms premium, invaluable rings and plated gold a worthy

cache! ( 2232-36,2244-46 ) In The Hobbit the firedrake is introduced by stating: at that place he lay, a huge red-golden firedrake, fast asleep. . . Beneath him, under all his limbs and his immense coiled tail, and about him on all sides stretching off across the unobserved floors, lay infinite hemorrhoids of cherished things, gold

wrought and unwrought, treasures and gems, and silver red-stained in the ruby visible radiation. ( The Hobbit pg.206 ) This sounds comparable to a male monarchs ransom. For some ground people, when they see the firedrakes hoarded wealth, have an unmanageable impulse to steal some of it. The wretch was terrified! /Yet still he reached out for more disaster/ and clutched the cup ( 230,231 ) An interesting analogue is besides that it is a cup stolen in each narrative. He grasped a great ambidextrous cup, every bit heavy as he could transport, project one fearful oculus upwards [ he was afraid but did it anyway ] . . .his bosom was crushing and more fevered shaking was in his legs. . . but he still clutched the cup, ( The Hobbit, pg. 206,207 ) Another thing that can be seen is that the firedrakes wake up with the same fury when they find that they have been robbed. They besides react in the same manner, firing down a town or two seems to be the norm. Blazing with wrath. . . . . . at times he struck inwards, seeking his cup, and saw once more how person had tampered with his hoarded wealth, disturbed his gold. . . By the clip dark fell his rage was soundless! He wis

hed to pay back with a surge of fire his beloved cups larceny.

( 2296,2299-2302,2304-05 ) In The Hobbit the firedrake has an every bit unpleasant attitude when he awakes. Thiefs! Fire! Murder! Such a thing had non happened since foremost he came to the mountain! His fury passes description- the kind of fury that is merely seen when rich common people that have more than they can bask all of a sudden lose something that they have long had but ne’er earlier used or wanted. ( Pg.208 ) And for existent reaction, Smaug takes out his retaliation on the lake-town of Esgaroth by puting fires to the thatched roves of houses, he burned the Fieldss and woods environing the town and as the people fled he would kill them excessively. ( The Hobbit Pg. 234-36 ) I am a procurer. This reaction is about the same as how the firedrake in Beowulf treats the villagers he took retaliation on. The monster began to ptyalize out fire, to fire the bright edifices, pouring from above a steam of fire that work forces fled from. . . how he hunted and hated the Geatish common people purpose on injury. ( 2312-14, 2318-19 ) Last, we see that the failing of

the firedrakes has non changed from old composing to new. In Beowulf enchantress is much older than The Hobbit, the firedrakes failing is his soft underbelly. Wiglaf work stoppages for the belly alternatively of the caput and is successful, He did non mind the firedrake s caput but burnt his manus in assisting his kinsman, striking a small lower down so that his blade went sliting into that awful animal, and the billowing fires began to decrease. ( 2697-2702 ) with a small aid from Beowulf, Wiglaf defeats the firedrake. Old sap! Why there is a big spot in

the hollow of his left chest every bit bare as a snail out of its shell. Was Bilbo Baggins thought as he saw the bottom of Smaug. And he was right ; this spot was what caused Smaug to decease. The firedrake swooped one time more lower than of all time, and

as he turned and dived down his belly glittered white with triping fires of treasures in the moon- but non in one topographic point. The black pointer sped directly for the hollow by the left chest where the foreleg was flung broad. In it smote and vanished, shot, shaft and plume, so ferocious was it s flight. With a scream

that deafened work forces, felled trees and split rock, Smaug shooting spurting into the air turned over and crashed down from on high in ruin. ( The Hobbit ) Dragons represent immorality, they are wickedness personified.

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