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My personal religion has driven me to believe of the calling in nursing. I have seen past events in my life that proves that my personal religion in life suits the calling I have presently chosen. I ever retrieve how the nurses have unrelentingly taken attention of my kid when she got a second-degree burn. I see myself in the nurses that took attention and gave her the medical attending she needs. Their actions. I see. are someway the same with that of a comparative and the attention is merely beyond words. In add-on to this. I see life in a more positive manner that is to be taken attention of and saved in every manner there is. It is sacred and should be respected from every point of position there is. There are three specific things from my personal religion that I could associate to the nursing calling.

First. egoism is believed to be an obstruction to accomplishingsahaj. or the brotherhood of the people with God. Greed and selfishness are the values that push people off from the ultimate end of being one with God and with the terminal intent of life. In associating to the nursing calling set Forth in the hereafter. unselfish service to the people in their medical demands is something that should be in the bosom of each and every nurse. Patients are called patients because they need medical attending and their demands for such can be successfully achieved through self-less attention for the patients. These patients are confronted with different types of unwellnesss from a simple cold to a life-ending malignant neoplastic disease in a terminal phase. The hurting they feel can ne’er be measured quantitatively through temperatures. mammograms. blood trials. and the similar but no words could depict how painful it could of all time be for them and for their household members. It is during these times that a nurse should travel out of his/her manner to do the state of affairs igniter to the best of his/her abilities. It would intend following the everyday medical processs sacredly and without disgust as to whatever unwellnesss or medical manifestations the patient may demo. In add-on to this. attention would be given as if the nurse is one of the household members. Therefore. one could state that. at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. the nurse has avoided being egoistic and idea of the people around him/her in the infirmary. More so. given attention at the highest standard of all time thought of.

Second. it is necessary that one should work hard. harmonizing to the rules of Guru Nanak. One should endeavor to work hard in whatever duty is given to them. For the nurse. it is necessary that one should give extreme attending and strive for the best in the work. This is for the simple fact that the chief duty of a nurse is to care and give life to the patients who come to them for medical aid. In add-on to this. the nurse. being the first individual that the patient gets to interact with. should hold the passion for caring for the people because this will take the individual to endeavor harder in work. The passion would bear the value of love for work and this would do the individual committed and in return. work hard for the occupation that gives life.

Last. it is a instruction of Guru Nanak that one should portion the wagess of one’s labour with others. The accomplishments and cognition acquired to care for other people is something that needs to be shared. Continuously. a nurse learns everyday of certain things that are non written in the books and this is something that needs to be shared with other people. Besides. the fruits of mundane labour should be shared with the household and those who are in demand. There is nil more in this universe that could be sweeter than wagess being shared. It is through sharing that felicity could be multiplied into a 1000 crease.

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