Possibilities of Cloning

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The Possibilities of Cloning By many cloning is viewed as humans going into divine territory, however cloning is so much more. It is a window to the past and hope for the future. Cloning has the potential bring loved ones back to life after an accident or violent crime, as well as allowing personal organs to be grown so people no longer die awaiting a life saving transplant, and it could allow women who are unable to bear children to have a child with their own DNA. In the United States alone over a million people die from violent crimes. Another 3+ million U. S. citizens die from car accidents every year.

Some of those lives lost in tragic unexpected ways could eventually be saved through cloned organs being quickly transplanted to replace critically damaged ones. Eventually cloning could even advance far enough to produce an entire human body there by completely restoring a life tragically lost. Although our medical capabilities have increased rapidly in the past twenty years one of the things that it can’t do is hurry up the ever growing transplant list. 97,670 people in the United States were awaiting an organ transplant in 2008 and that number is now over 150,000.

By cloning organs the majority of these patients will get the organ that will save their life. Also unlike some other projected medical methods like stem cells and mechanized organs , it is already possible to clone organs. One small setback in this potentially amazing advancement in organ transplanting the that cloning is currently illegal in most countries. Most women dream of having children, of making a precious life and nurturing it. However some women never get that dream transfered to reality. Some women have defects and are unable to have children of their own and are forced to either not have a child or adopt someone elses.

Cloning has the potential to let these women have children, by taking their DNA and the DNA of the would-be father it is believed to be possible to have use that DNA to create a life there-by allowing those women to have a child of their own. Cloning is a door to the past and hope for the future. From saving lives tragically lost to creating lives which would of never seen the world if not for cloning technology. For all the doors it opens cloning is truly one of the most valuable medical advancements in human history. Hopefully one day everyone will realize its potential and allow it to be widely used worldwide saving countless lives.

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