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The most famous contemporary singer born in Latin America

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Even the birth of Ricky was “wonderful” – he was born on the eve of the largest local holiday, Christmas. It happened back in 1971, in a distant outback – Puerto Rico. His mother worked as an ordinary accountant, and his father worked as a psychologist. An ordinary poor large family.

From the cradle, Riki’s career was equal to leaps and bounds – already in three months, Ricky had already won the competition for infants. A few years later, a handsome young man began to work as a model.

He received his first dramatic experience at school, and the main roles in school performances brought him continued success not only among girls, but also among teachers. It was then that Ricky began taking vocal lessons and acting.

At that time in Puerto Rico there existed (it is popular and still, by the way, the most popular singer Chayan also “left”) a famous youth group (it included singers no older than 16 years old) “Menudo”. When a place was vacated in it, a casting of a new participant was announced.

They became Ricky Martin, “bypassing” more than five hundred other applicants. He “worked” in it for only two years, but he gained invaluable concert experience, performing throughout South America, from Mexico to Chile. The most “triumphant” country for the group was Argentina – they enjoyed such success that they had to perform in this country for six months in a row! In addition, at that time the popular series “Friends Forever” was filmed there and Ricky first showed himself as a television actor.

After this, Ricky becomes the new sex symbol of Latin America, the girls send him tens of thousands of fiery declarations of love, and the yellow press lists hundreds of his potential brides.

But then the school ended, and performances with teenagers, and Ricky went to conquer the United States, New York, in which no one knew about him and did not want to know. Become a star “off guard” did not work.

Soon, Ricky moved to Mexico City and seriously took up acting, “on a par with everyone,” appeared on the stage of theaters, and starred in TV shows. And, of course, he wrote his new songs – about love, separation.

It was they who entered a couple of years in his debut Hispanic album “Ricky Martin”. He almost instantly became a hit on the Latin charts, and less than a year passed and he was reissued to Sony Music, releasing in the “big light”.

And then a triumphant return to the USA took place and soon he gets a role in the popular series “Central Hospital”, where Ricky played the role of a bartender, singing on weekends at a nightclub, as a result of the series brought Martin wide fame and faithful love of many viewers. Ricky Martin starred in the series for over a year.

And soon the next album “Medio Vivir” came out. Of it the bright, fiery dance hit “Maria” gained the greatest popularity, which was played by all the radio stations, and even the video clip for the composition did not leave TV screens for a long time.

And then Ricky moved to Broadway – he took on the role of Marius in the production of Les Miserables in the classic work of Victor Hugo, and Ricky not only played in this musical, but also sang.

But the cherished dream of any Latin American singer is to conquer the whole world. And for this you need an album in English. His first CD in English again bore the name of the singer – “Ricky Martin”. During the first week, more than 660 thousand copies were sold, the album won the prestigious first place on the Billboard charts, and Ricky himself finally won the title of international superstar. Then there was the first triumphant large-scale tour in the USA. So Ricky managed in his first tour to break the record and become “the highest paid Latin American performer in the history of America’s show business.”

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