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If you are interested in watching an action filled mobster film with tonss of guns and Gore, so? say hullo to my small friend, ? as Tony Montana would state. This movie is directed by Brian De Palma whom made it after the 1932 authoritative? Scarface. ? The film has a twosome of good known histrions and actresses such as Michelle Phieffer and Al Pacino, in which I feel is Pacino? s best film. There are many celebrated and well-known scenes and phrases that have came out of this film. I feel that this is one of the best movies that I have seen for a few grounds, one of which, Al Pacino.

Capone starts out as Tony Montana comes to America from Cuba and begins with him being questioned by in-migration agents were you foremost learn the attitude and character of Montana. Tony starts off working in a small nutrient base as a dish washer before Manolo, his brother from Cuba, and Tony take a occupation making a drug-run for cocaine. This is where Tony begins his rise to the top of the drug universe and where the action truly starts to get down. Tony and his spouse Manolo Begin working for a large drug trader named Frank Lopez and Tony meets Elvira, Frank? s married woman, played by Michelle Phieffer. Tony ends up taking Elvira and the concern from Frank and becomes really affluent. This begins Tony? s ruin in which he ends up in struggles with drugs, the jurisprudence, Elvira, and even Manolo and his sister. Elvira sits around the whole film and does cocaine and ends up acquiring Tony into it. Tony fails to run into orders and all the money and greed ends up aching Tony in the terminal of the film.

The few cases of unfavorable judgment the movie has are minor 1s. Some of the scenes seem to be unrealistic but I haven? T seen many mobster films? that have had all scenes be realistic. Another unfavorable judgment is how it starts with Tony merely making drug tallies and all of a sudden the film jumps three months subsequently and he has adequate money to purchase a nice auto like nil. I thought it should hold shown a little more or explicate how he got that money that quick. The film is three hours long and tends to drag at some points such as the nine scene and the

concluding scene with Gina. The picture quality is hapless and the colour seems dim but the movie is from 1983. It merely can be seen as one of the movies where the screen has black lines on the top and underside, which make the screen seem smaller.

The congratulations of the movie could be summed up as the whole film besides what I named above. I thought that the film was exciting and maintain you interested throughout the full film. There were a few in writing scenes, such as the Colombian chain saw scene, for people who like that sort of material and a batch of great hiting scenes, like the concluding scene of the film. The camera shootings were great, such as the camera whizzing in from the exterior to the interior of the hotel at the Colombian chain saw scene. Another congratulations would be the playing, I thought every histrion in the film played their functions great in all of the celebrated scenes in the film, particularly the scene of Tony facing Frank with a gun. This was besides a good movie because throughout the film they threw in some wit, such as Manolo seeking to pick-up misss at the beach, which I think is needed for it to be a good film.

This movie I consider as Al Pacino? s best film for the function that he played as Tony Montana. I feel that he was the best individual for the function of Tony Montana and that his best films are when he acts that sort of function, such as in The Devil? s Advocate. Michelle Phieffer acted good as Elvira and truly looked like a cokehead in the many scenes in which she was coked-up in the film. The portion of Manolo is played out great and Frank Lopez, acted by Robert Loggia, is acted out great besides. I besides feel This is De Palma? s best movie compared to his other well-known, great action films such as The Untouchables, Carlito? s Way, and Mission Impossible. All of the films which are known for their great scenes and being action-filled.

Overall, I would urge this film to people who like action-filled, intense films. I feel this was Pacino? s and De Palma? s best movie and acted out good by all of the histrions. The film kept me interested throughout the full thing and had its wit, which I feel is necessary for a good movie. Two thumbs up.

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