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The Scarlet Letter As a Symbol

Frequently throughout The Scarlet Letter there are symbolic mentions made. The narrative trades with a Puritan adult female who commits criminal conversation and raises an bastard kid named Pearl. The writer, Nathanial Hawthorne, uses many spiritual and natural images to typify different points. One of the intents of this symbolism is to demo that Puritanism is hypocritical and that their spiritual point of views are against the natural order, which is done by utilizing contrasting natural and spiritual symbols in the descriptions of Pearl. Besides through out the book, Hawthorne uses the missive as a major symbol.

At the beginning of the narrative, the missive is a symbol of wickedness. The wickedness was adultery. Hester has had dealingss with adult male while she had a hubby. At the clip, she wasn? T cognizant that her hubby was still alive. The grounds of her actions was her girl, Pearl. For her sentence, Hester would hold to have on the missive A and besides stand on the scaffolds in the afternoon.

In ulterior chapters, the missive evolves into able. Some old ages after the beginning of the incident, Hester has tried to travel on with her life and has become a large aid to her community. She is good liked for her art in stitching, and is besides helpful towards the sick and the deceasing. Most of the townsfolk have forgotten what has happened and have accepted Hester for who she is and non what she has done.

The merchandise of Hester? s wickedness was besides a symbol used in the book. Pearl was ever a symbol for her wickedness. She was the grounds that convicted Hester. In one portion of the narrative, Hester and Pearl visit the Governor and Pearl is dressed up in a ruddy frock with gilded trim. She was described as resembling the missive on her female parent? s thorax. Hester character is shown here because by dressing Pearl up to

expression like the missive, she admits that she is non ashamed of what she has done and what has come out of it.

In the 2nd scaffold scene, a vermilion A appears in the sky above Dimmesdale, Hester, and Pearl. In this scene, the missive really represents two things. One of them is angel. One of the townsmen has merely passed off and they believed that it was his angel operating expense. The 2nd symbol is forgiveness. This was the 2nd major scaffold scene and this was when Dimmesdale eventually goes on the scaffold for forgiveness. This is the first clip that he has openly admitted to hold been apart of Hester? s wickedness.

Throughout the book there are illustrations of when Pearl has about some sort of supernatural ability to see things the manner that they truly are. A kid these immature with these gifts of perceptual experience would decidedly hold been viewed evil in Puritan society. It was assumed to be some type of witchery. This is even more obvious with the observations that she makes. When Pearl inquiries her female parent as to where she came from, the response typically was & # 8220 ; the Heavenly Father. & # 8221 ; Pearl so proceeds to indicate at Hester & # 8217 ; s vermilion missive and answers that she did non come from the heavenly male parent. This statement at such a immature age reflects that non merely does she acknowledge herself as an evil castaway from the Christians but besides slightly of a dissident statement. These two different conflicting groups of symbols are more than probably nil more than a bitterness of Hawthorn & # 8217 ; s Puritan upbringing, but do state a batch about Puritan society.

Hawthorne when composing this book, wanted it to be read on many different degrees and is why he used so many symbols. Most of them are easy seen, but many are non. A reader should read this book and so re-read it to see the true power of this literature. Hawthorne is a great author and it shows in his symbolism.

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