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Scavenger Hunt Essay, Research Paper

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Whitney Richardson

Library Scavenger Hunt

Ninth Grade

13 September 2000

B. To happen this I went to the mention subdivision and expression under the DLB & # 8217 ; s and saw Shakespearean Criticism. So so I found the pages about Julius Caesar and looked for the critics Brooke and Bloom. Brooke thought it was & # 8220 ; a political drama, asseverating that it dramatizes the chief grounds why revolutions which are in the right do non ever win against signifiers of authorities which are in the wrong. & # 8221 ; Bloom claims that although Caesar is unable to accomplish his personal end of winning the Black Marias if the Roman aristocracy, he is still a political adult male with no equal.

Shakespearian Criticism. Ed. Mark Scott. Vol. 7.

Detroit: Gale Research Co, 1988.

C. After picking out the Contempory Literary Criticism Vol. 2 I realized that there was no index in the dorsum of the book, I thought certainly that I was traveling to hold problem with this inquiry. But, I asked Ms. Barron and she directed me to the last Volume of the CLC. I got the last volume and looked up the index. The index lists all writer entries in the Gale Literary Criticism Series and included cross-index to other Gale beginning and has page figure in parentheses after the Volume figure. It seemed to be difficult to understand but I eventually did.

D. I chose to get down on missive & # 8220 ; D & # 8221 ; because I knew where the Dictionary of Literary Biographies was located. After traveling to the mention subdivision picked up the last volume of the DLB, I started looking in the index. Finally, I found Virginia Woolf in the dorsum of the book. Following to her name was, DLB- 36, 100, 162, and 149, so I concluded the Numberss were the volumes where she was located. Virginia Woolf was an English novelist ; she was an advanced influence on the 20th-century novel. In her authorship she concentrated on the flow of ordinary experience through the STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS technique. Her prose is poetic, symbolic, and ocular. Woolf & # 8217 ; s novels include Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Orlando, The Waves, and Between the Acts.

I used the undermentioned resources:

& # 8220 ; Virginia Woolf. & # 8221 ; Dictionary of Literary Biography. 96th vol.

Ed. Samuel W. Bruce. Washington DC: Gale Research, 1997.

& # 8220 ; Virginia Woolf. & # 8221 ; Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia

Copyright? 1994 InfoSoft Inc.

E. The intimation you used made no sense to me, but after I found the book, I understood. Well, I knew that Julius Caesar was by Shakespeare, so that narrowed down my hunt. Then I look at all the mention books holding to make with Shakespeare. Then I saw & # 8220 ; The Annotated Shakespeare, & # 8221 ; which was a dead spring off. So I found the Play Julius Caesar and turned to move 2, scene 3, line 14, so used the vocabulary aid to understand what this line meant. It means, beyond the range of enviousness.

The Annotated Shakespeare: The Tragdies and Romances. Ed. Al Rowse. Vol. III. New york: Clarks Potter, INC, 1978.

F. I believe that this is the hardest inquiry I answered. It took me so long! First, thanks to Julia who had used this one time before for a undertaking, I went directly to the Pride means pleasance or satisfaction derived from some action, ownership. The quality of holding high opionion of oneself. It was adopted in c1000.

G. The intimation helped me a batch. I used the intimation, approximately Romantic Art, and went to the card catalog and typed in Romantic Art and I was directed to the book & # 8220 ; Romantic Art. & # 8221 ; I look up Thomas Cole in the

back and found “Course of an Empire.” I eventually found out that it illustrates landscapes and rhythms on human fate.

Vaughan, William. Romantic Art.

New york: Oxford University imperativeness, 1978.

I. When I read the intimation, I automatically knew where it was because everytime I walk into the library I see that image. The image is on your left as you walk into the library, it is a image of the Chairman of the Board at Hammond. I went to the image and read the brief papers about him and found out his name. The Chairman & # 8217 ; s name is John Adger Manning and yes he is have oning spectacless.

J. First I thought that possibly the Birthday Book Club was the reply, because I use to ever be a portion of that nine. Your parents would direct in money at the beginning of the twelvemonth and when it was your birthday, so the bibliothecs would take you in the dorsum and show you a clump of books. You so would pick out a book and donate it to the library. The book would hold a contribution spine inside that said you had donated this book to the Library. But, so I realized you could non bespeak a book for the Birthday Book nine, so I knew I was incorrectly. My second-guess was there was a petition box. So, I looked around the library and I did non see a petition box. Then I started to believe, good if I truly want a book so what would I make. I would happen out all the information about the book and compose it down on a piece of paper. I would so speak to the Liberians and inquire them about the book I wanted and demo them the piece of paper to see if the school had adequate money to order the book for the library.

K. Haven used the Critical Survey of Short Fiction before ; I was rather familiar with it. So, I knew it had to be in that book. I went to the mention subdivision, pickup the Critical Survey of Short Fiction labeled H, for Hawthorne, and eventually I look up Hawthorne, Nathaniel. I read portion of the article on him and saw that person had used a pencil to underscore the reply! When I saw what that individual had done, I erased the pencil grade because you are non supposed to tag in the mention books, or any books. Then I finished reading to do certain that I had found the right reply. The short narratives create a temper or present thought. The more complex the short narratives revel characters through incident. His plants contain allegorical spirit and psychological cogency.

Critical Survey of Short Fiction. Ed. Frank Magill.

Vol. 4. New jersey: Salem Press, 1981.

M. I ne’er realized that the large wooden school of fish was made in Belize, but I ne’er truly thought about it earlier now. I knew I had to happen person who had been to Belize and I knew my sister had. Unfortunently, my sister was non in the library at the minute, so Julia and I spotted Mr. Snead. He had gone to Belize, so why non inquire him? So we did, he said, & # 8220 ; Hammond pupils made it in 1990 when George Gab came to this school. Besides, George Gab is the national creative person of Belize & # 8221 ; ( Mr. Snead in the library )

Q. This was a really hard inquiry I automatically went over to the Dictionary that was on the base over by the Fiction and look up the word Exegesis, it had a long definition, so I merely used the beginning and simplified it. Exegesis is an expounding of a Bible ; an explanatory note or discourse.

& # 8221 ; Exegesis. & # 8221 ; The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles. Ed. Lesley Brown. Vol. 1. New york: Clarendon Press- Oxford, 1993.

R. Elijah was a net income in the Northern Kingdom of the divided monarchy during the reigns of Altad.

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