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Scientology is a reasonably new faith. Founded in the twentieth-century by a adult male by the name of L. Ron Hubbard. He began his surveies long ago and wrote a book in 1950 called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. He claimed that this book was one of the first tools used to work out the jobs of the head. This book focused on irrational head, war, offense, and insanity. Mr. Hubbard designed this book so that anyone can utilize it to better oneself. He did non halt at Dianetics, nevertheless, he felt that there were still some issues that had to be addressed. He was now traveling to seek to calculate out the nature of the human being, what makes up our? being. ? Mr. Hubbard combined faith, doctrine, and his theory of dianetics and came up with Scientology.

Mr. Hubbard had a alone life. He was born in Tilden, Nebraska, the boy of a naval commanding officer Harry Ross Hubbard and Ledora May Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard was born on March 13, 1911. When he was approximately two his household moved to Montana where he learned to be a unsmooth western cowpuncher. His female parent was exhaustively educated adult female. She taught him how to read and compose at an early age. L. Ron Hubbard was said to hold an devouring involvement in life at an early age. When his male parent? s naval calling required that they move off from Montana, his female parent was responsible to learn him the schooling he missed. When Ron was twelve the household moved to Seattle, Washington. Ron got the autonomy to be associated with many different types of people such as the Blackfoot Indians, Beijing prestidigitator, Chinese prestidigitators, and analyzing Buddhists.

He enrolled at George Washington University, his male parent put him into mathematics and technology. Now he learned how to take the scientific attack to work outing jobs. He became more and more interested in the manner the head works. He would inquire the professors at George Washington University and they could non give him an reply, so he came up with the thought that the western civilization did non understand a thing about the head. He believed that it was his responsibility to research the head and to state the western universe how it works. This is when he came up with dianetics and so finally the faith of Scientology.

Scientology consists of eight kineticss. With these kineticss, a individual realizes that his life extends beyond himself. The first moral force is? self. ? This teaches you to last as an person. Taking attention of such things as mental and physical wellness. It does non include other people, it is the impulse to last as an person. The 2nd is? creativity. ? Creativity is doing anything for the hereafter. Making a household, and raising kids to the best of your ability. This moral force besides means that sex is merely a mechanism to reproduce. The 3rd is? group survival. ? This is the thrust to last in a group. This can be any group, community, friends, a company, a province, or a race. The size of the group does non count, it is simply to last as a group. The 4th is? species. ? This one is the moral force of the species of world. Being American would suit into the 3rd dynamic because it is a state. The 4th trades with every adult male, adult female, and kid in the universe. The 5th moral force is? life signifiers. ?

Harmonizing to Scientology there are two parts to the head, the analytical head and the reactive head. The analytical head has standard memory Bankss which record memory as a series of mental images. It records standard factual information, nevertheless, it does non account for any type of emotional or physical hurting. The reactive head boots in during minutes of painful minutes. It besides records informations with mental images though in a different manner. The reactive head is selective about what it records.

It merely takes in hurting or the emotional portion of any given state of affairs.

Mr. Hubbard believes that if you can cut down the usage of the reactive head, you will be able to work out state of affairss more efficaciously. If you solve a job without allowing your emotions get in the manner the solution will be more nonsubjective than subjective, and being nonsubjective will give you better consequences.

There are three parts to the human organic structure: the head, the organic structure, and the thetan. The term psyche has taken on so many significances that Mr. Hubbard has created a word which defines his significance of the word psyche. Thetan. Thetan comes from the Grecian missive theta, Q, the symbol for idea or life. The thetan is the individual himself. It is the individuality, and religious being of the human. One does non hold thetan he is thetan. The following portion is the head which consists of mental images. It is used to believe, work out jobs, and retrieve things. The last portion is the organic structure. The organic structure is simply the physical composing. It is used to execute day-to-day undertakings such as move about, eat, and slumber.

The mass bulk of faiths are seeking for religious freedom, where stuff restrictions are no longer a job. Although they are invariably inquiring merely how to make such a province. Life is so hard, people have so many tough jobs confronting them within society. As opposed to most faiths which search for religious freedom, Scientology claims that worlds are a religious being. and that being a religious being, you have abilities beyond environmental boundaries. Scientology teaches people that they are capable of work outing any and every job that they face. It teaches people that their capablenesss are so much more than they of all time thought. It tries to light self uncertainty, insecurities, and desperation.

I do non like to debate faith. It is unpointed to debate because no mater what you say or how good your point is, the other individual will non alter their beliefs. Just like your beliefs, their head is already made up on the manner they think? it? is. Steve Martian did a base up about beliefs. He said? I believe adult females should stand on a pedestal merely high plenty that you can see up their skirt. ? You can believe in anything, it would be pathetic for person to seek to speak Mr. Martian out of that belief.

In larning about faiths, there are many thoughts that I agree with. It is the same with Scientology. The faith offers a batch about covering with the agony of adult male sort. I like faiths that deal with life here on Earth and Teachs people how to go better people. Bettering conditions here on Earth is the first of import thing to repair. Scientology seems to turn to this issue with full force. It uses modern engineering, and cognition of how human dealingss to better the quality of life of people who chose to follow Scientology.

In the description of L. Ron Hubbard, I was disgusted. They made it sound like he was this highly smart cat. When he started analyzing the head and the manner it works, he noticed that the western society knew nil about it. He sounded grandiloquent when he said? it was really obvious that I was covering with and populating in a civilization which knew less about the head than the lowest crude folk I had of all time come in contact with? ? I did non like this at all. He sounds like a really chesty adult male. Arrogant in a cocky manner. In making research I noticed that all of his followings seem to hold the same attitude.

I find that it is amusing that they are so dedicated to following a adult male who was born in the twentieth-century. He is an ordinary adult male who happened to be exceptionally smart. He is a concern adult male who is good at carrying people and wants to do money.


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