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Follow these guidelines and you will be just fine on your SDA report) C/2d Lt (First name) (Middle initial) (Last name), CAP (Squadron name), (Wing) (Date) – Example: 1 November 2010 Staff Duty Analysis Achievement 9 –Flight Commander Part A: 1. No requirement. 2. Suspense Required of Squadron Flight Commanders 3. Performance Requirements for this SDA (I have done this part for you. However it may be better for you to put it in your own words. ) 1) Explain what role a commander has in managing the suspense’s required of his or her staff. ) Interview any leader on the subject of “taking charge. ” Report what you learned from the interview in the SDA report and in a 3-5 minute speech to cadets in your unit. 3) List five common uniform discrepancies and explain what the correct standard actually is. Reference the appropriate CAP regulation and paragraph. Part B: (Answer these questons in your own words, after interviewing any leader) 1. What are the essential duties of the Flight Commander? 2.

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How does A Flight Commander help the squadron fulfill its mission? 3. How does A Flight Commander affect cadets or the overall Cadet Program? 4. What leadership skills do Flight Commanders need most to succeed? Billy Mitchell Achievement 9 SDA Report (This is the basics on what you need on your handin paper. Follow the SDA format given to you in CAPP 52-14 if you can’t find it follow this link. http://members. gocivilairpatrol. com/media/cms/P052_014_8605254CD870D. pdf I hope this will help you as much as it has helped me.

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