Seeing the Orthopedic Surgeon Essay

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The twenty-four hours after she arrived place. Elaine saw Dr. Scott. He ordered an MRI. which confirmed the hurt. He suggested that she consider rehabilitative surgery on her articulatio genus. While some patients elect to avoid surgery. they are at much higher hazard of developing degenerative arthritis earlier. and the instability of their articulatio genus makes them more likely to fall once more. Thirty old ages ago most sawboness would non hold suggested surgery for this hurt. peculiarly in person aged 55. and the surgical techniques were non every bit successful as they are now. Because Elaine was a reasonably active single prior to the accident. Dr. Scott encouraged her to hold Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. and he referred her to another orthopaedic sawbones who did that surgery on a everyday footing.


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1. Why did Dr. Scott order an MRI?

He wanted to measure the hurt and see if it has progressed or non to cognize if surgery was needed.

2. What difference does age do in footings of the mending procedure?

As your organic structure ages. your musculus mass decreases. So. being that your musculus protein rebuilds and fixs slower than a immature individual. this consequences in existent reduced physical strength. The recovery rate is straight related to the velocity in which the organic structure can turn new cells to mend itself.

3. What is osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis is a disease of the articulations. It is one of the most common diseases today. Unlike many other signifiers of arthritis. degenerative arthritis does non impact other variety meats of the organic structure. The most common symptom is pain in the affected articulation after insistent usage.

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