Sitting Down to Take a Stand

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We need to change American life as we speak to make it better. There are to many problems happening around America and we need to do something about it. I would change gun control, child obesity, and animal cruelty. Once we change most of these problems I think America would go a little more better then it already is. The history of firearms has changed dramatically since the late 1700s. Should automatic rifles and handguns be protected by an amendment written nearly 200 years ago?

Should the second amendment be abolished altogether? If so, why? Reason being because there are too many killing in America due to gun control or someone has been shot or killed like the kids at that school. Guns need to be maybe taken off the streets. I understand it’s to protect you but most of the time its not. Maybe only store clerks or people who really needs a gun for protection should have a gun. An example would be a police men so they can protect their selves from the criminal.

But gun control needs to be in control instead of getting out of control. America is the fastest country. But the fattest people in our country is children. What makes the children fat is too much eating, not eating right, not exercising, and so on. Some reasons why kids is fat is not just because it taste good it’s because they are either lonely, bored, their parents eat, or just think it’s okay. Kids needs to be more active and attend gym more so they can be fit and well to do anything and move around anywhere as they please.

We need to stop giving them fast foods all the time and go to the grocery store and buy healthier food. Parents need to stop eating to so they won’t have that impact on their children. Animal cruelty has also gotten out of hand a lot. I heard about this dog being chain up to a car and dragged. This needs to change as well as the others because no one should be abusing pets at all. If you didn’t like the pet why would you get it in the first place.

Some people are abusing their pets because they think it’s alright to because they paid money for their pets, no its not alright pets are basically like humans just like us, what if you was chained up and dragged wouldn’t you be scared for your life and wish you can change your owner. People need to see that and say “I shouldn’t of done that” because it will come back and hunt you for the rest of your life and you will feel guilty that’s why we need to change that and put people in jail.

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