Star Wars: a New Hope Character Analysis Essay

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Star Wars Episode IV premiered in theatres on May 25. 1977. Directed by George Lucas. it became one of the first sci-fi films to truly do an impact in the movie industry. Out of all the characters shown in the film. one stands out. Luke Skywalker. a male child raised on the desert planet. Tatooine. from nil. becomes a powerful Jedi. Luke makes the biggest alteration out of any of the other characters in the film. Luke Skywalker is one of the chief supporters in Star Wars.

Luke Skywalker. a immature farm male child from a planet far from most civilised planets. discovers that he is destined to go a Jedi Knight and utilize the Force to salvage the galaxy from the Empire and their decease machine. the Death Star. In this film. the “hero’s journey” is played out. Luke’s ordinary universe is his life on Tatooine as a husbandman. He meets his wise man and is called to gamble when he finds Obi-wan and they receive the message for aid from Princess Leia. Luke’s refusal to name is him non desiring to go forth place. Luke crosses the threshold when he decides to go forth for Alderan.

Throughout the movie. the Empire. particularly Darth Vader. are shown to be the enemy. Luke’s attack to the inmost cave is represented by the groups near decease experience in the refuse shoot. Luke’s chief first ordeal was the tie-fighter battle in the Millennium Falcon and his wages is going a pilot. The route back is the trip back to the Death Star and the Resurrection being fulfilled with the Death Star being eliminated. Luke’s elixir is salvaging Princess Leia ( acquiring the miss. who happens to be his sister ) . Luke is so awarded with a decoration and earns the rubric of a hero.

His whole journey from start to complete led up to his deriving the hero position. Luke follows the normal elements of movie. He takes the hero’s journey and successfully returns with the elixir. Leia. The one thing we do see is that he did non get down out as a hero ; Luke was nil but a farm male child in the beginning. George Lucas used a long shooting of Luke following to his place under the two Suns. Tatoo I and Tatoo II. in one of the earlier scenes. He is shown to look really little compared to the huge desert he lived in. Towards the center of the movie. Luke starts to alter and begins to utilize the Force.

The medium shooting of Luke with the helmet over his eyes. practising his lightsaber accomplishments. shows his initial usage of the Force. At the terminal of the film. we see Luke bend of his tracking device and utilize the Force to hit the projectiles into the hole and blow up the Death Star. At the terminal of the scene. it cuts out to a medium long shooting of the Death Star detonating. the Death Star being the topic. George Lucas shows Luke’s journey from a husbandman to a possible Jedi. George Lucas did a good occupation at specifying characters and their functions in the movie. He made it obvious which characters fit which function and the importance they play in the film.

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