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A famous Hollywood director and producer, whose films invariably become a real sensation in the world of the American film industry.
Steven Spielberg was born December 18, 1947 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. As a child, Stephen was inseparable from a movie camera, making amateur films or reporting on the lives of his friends and acquaintances. Spielberg took the first storyline at twelve, received the first prize at thirteen for the film about the war “Escape to Nowhere” (1960). Young Spielberg earned money as a house painter, and with the money earned, he bought film and shot short films.

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In 1970, the twenty-minute short “Emblin” (Amblin, 1969) attracted the attention of producers of the Universal Pictures film studio. Then Stephen was a graduate of California State College, and he made a film about his friends, about the last days of college. At the film studio, Spielberg worked as a director of television reports, television films and series.
It was at Universal Pictures that Spielberg directed his first disaster film, The Duel, 1971, which revealed the talent of the young director in the genre of action. The film was a huge audience success, it brought more than ten million dollars in profit and allowed the director to continue shooting the movie game. Hollywood drew attention to the young director.
Stephen’s next work was The Sugarland Express, 1974, followed by the 1970s super hit Jaws, 1975. This thriller became the starting point for Spielberg’s feature film career.

The concept of “Jaws” was repeated in subsequent films by the director, only the surroundings and the names of the heroes changed. A simple, but very cute hero finds himself in a situation where he has to struggle with something or someone from the other world or an object of reality that “slightly” extends beyond the ordinary world. So, a simple truck driver enters into a duel with the truck itself, which is the second main character of the picture. In a similar situation, the inhabitants of a coastal town, terrorized by the colossal white shark in the “Jaws”, find themselves.
After the release of the canonical “Close Encounters of the Third Degree” (1977), Spielberg’s rise was unstoppable. He makes an amazing film “1941” (1979) with John Belushi. He tries himself as a producer on The Martian Chronicles and an actor as a tax inspector in the sparkling Brothers Blues. Triedin – screenwriter, producer, director – in Poltergeist (1982). And then in 1982, Spielberg directed a film that would conquer the whole world and for a long time become a symbol of his work: “E.T.” (“Alien”).

Spielberg creates his film company “Amblin, entertainment” and begins to realize the next round in blockbuster technology: “Captain Hook” (1991) with Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts and Robin Williams, “Jurassic Park” (1993) with Jeff Goldblum and a stunning trilogy about Indiana Jones with the brilliant Harrison Ford in the title role.
Spielberg’s paintings are always “crammed” with all kinds of special effects, which with the development of computer graphics are becoming more and more spectacular. Among Spielberg’s paintings, it is worth noting “The Color Purple”, 1985, “Empire of the Sun”, 1987, “Hook”, 1991 (a movie version of the novel about Peter Pan) and, of course, “Jurassic Park” (“Jurassic Park”, 1993 ) and its continuation, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” (“Lost World: Jurassic Park II”, 1997).

In 1993, Steven Spielberg received 7 Academy Award, including for the film and directing, as the best director of the year for the film “Schindler’s List”, and in 1998 another Oscar followed for the military drama “Saving” Private Ryan “(” Saving Private Ryan “).
Purely commercial calculation and the simplicity of the plot of Spielberg films, sometimes reaching the primitive, became the “trendsetters” in Hollywood in the 1980s. This fact was noted by members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, having awarded him the Irving Talberg Prize in 1987.

Steven Spielberg becomes a Hollywood legend: the most successful director and producer, Academy Award winner, one of America’s richest people. He worked with such luminaries of the genre as Robert Zemeckis, Joe Dante, Martin Scorsese. And he clearly does not intend to stop at this line. In 1994, he, along with Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, organized DreamWorks SKG, a film, animation and television studio. The first films of the new studio, which have already appeared at the box office, that “the eternal boy of Hollywood” has something else to surprise the audience.
Steven Spielberg, the happy father of seven children, is married a second time. Two adopted children, two from previous marriages (including their first wife, Amy Irving), and the rest from their current wife, Kate Capshaw.

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