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Strategic Human Resources Management of SONY About Sony: Company Name: Sony Corporation. Founded: May 7, 1946. Headquarters: 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan. President and CEO: Kazuo Hirai. Numbers of Employees: 162,700 (as of March 31, 2012). Sales and Operating revenue (2011): 6,493,200 million yen. Activities: The requirements of effective labor planning and success as: * Planning should contribute to a lot of time. * The alternative plan or amendment, if any, should be included. Planning should be based on need. * Planning should elements of flexibility and elasticity. * Planning to be economics. * Planning should be efficient and effective. What step are described as follows: * Identify the target. * Gather information. * Provide human resources to implement. * Human rescource supply prediction. * Plan and necessary programs. Stages of planning: a. The purpose of the organization b. The collection of information Human Rescource Planning requires two types of information: Data from the external environment including information about current conditions and expected changes in: * Economics * Technology * Competition * Labor * Date within the organization contains information about current conditions and expected changes include in: * Plans short and long term organizational strategies

* Prevailing HR * Turnover and mobility c. HR Demand In this step, because it determines the resources needed to achieve the goal. Once planners have the information internally and externally, they can predict the demand for workers. . Estimating The HR supply: In this stage, planners predict labor supply. Planners forecast internal supply of workers and their skills and availability of different types of people probably promo ability outside the labor market. e. Plan and the necessary programs The final stage of HR planning is to plan specific programs to ensure that our available depending on future demand. Programs include: * Increase or decrease the size of the labor * Changing skill mix * Management succession plan * Career Devolopment Plan Disincentives for early retirement incentives The desire to achieve objectives through HR planning is meaningless unless its assessment of the results of the activitives of HR management planning. f. Feedback on the planning process If demand and supply projections ware as accurate as desired, feedback is given to improve the forecasting process. Although these programs are inadequate or inappropriate, you can change them. Result: a. Expected result: * Choosing the right person for culture and work. * Staff development in advance. * Developing leader strongly. More professional in training programs for employees. b. Practical result: * Sony finds the way to determine whether someone is suitable for culture and work. * March 31, 2012, the Sony Group had approximately 162,700 employees on booked, down 5,500 from the previous fiscal year-end. * Diversity in recruiting practices: * Sony is promoting the localization of these operations by working to secure local HR.

* With the aim of securing talented HR crucial to growing its global business, Sony recruits university graduates overseas to work in Japan. In fiscal year 2010, approximately 20 potential business leaders from around the world participated in a six-month program that promotes friendly rivalry. * In 2012, Sony established a branch of Sony University in Singapore to provide training. * Proving that Sony is developing in advance step by step. Judgement and adjustment a. Judgement * Comprehensive strategy: * Short and long term strategy * Include recruitment, developing leader, developing staff and employess. * Enhance many factors of personel: skills, health, work-life balance… * Specific and clear: * To define requirements and purposes. Project with specific steps. * Estimate time and budget. * Reasonable: * Base on need. * Create competition ability. * Efficient: * Choosing the right person. * Developing leader’s skills. * Developing staff’s skills. * More effective and competitive. * Meeting the corporation’s demand. * Weakness (Drawbacks): * Too expensive. * Make the business scale narrow (Sack many staffs). b. Adjustment * Should attach special importance to some abilities: marketing, production distribution, customer service… * Expand recruitment area. * Recruit good staff to replace to training (to lessen cost).

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