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The Applications of Technology in the First Decade of the Twenty-first Century

A quotation mark I heard many times when I was in high school and which I now know hints back to Sir Francis Bacon, one of our earliest scientist or philosophers as they were so called, is the statement & # 8220 ; Knowledge Is Power. & # 8221 ; Today, I believe that the Fuller, more right statement is to state, & # 8220 ; the application of cognition is power. & # 8221 ; The survey of scientific discipline, and engineering topics will broader our chances in life. As we continue to progress to the 21st century- now lesser than 30 yearss away-we are good cognizant that engineering is perchance the hottest industrial trade good around the universe today. In the old ages in front, it will be an progressively critical factor in finding the success or failure of concerns. It is the fuel many of us are looking at to assist us win this race to the twenty-first century. To make that, we should do engineering affair. In this paper I am traveling to portion my engineering prognosiss. I try to concentrate on my new prognosiss a decennary into the hereafter & # 8211 ; the first decennary of the twenty-first century, because that is how far most concerns need to be looking in front.

There has ne’er been a impersonal or value-free, engineering. All engineerings are power. They evoke economic and societal effects in direct proportion to their disruption of the bing economic system and its establishments.

I believe that engineerings such as: biotechnology and familial technology, intelligent stuffs, the miniaturisation of electronics, and smart fabrication systems, and controls, will be the hottest engineerings in the following decennary. I am traveling to set together a list of what I think as the top 10 advanced merchandises that will ensue from those engineerings.

Number one on the list is something we call familial. There are pharmaceutical merchandises that will come from the monolithic familial research traveling on around the universe today. In ten old ages, we will hold new ways to handle many of our ailments & # 8211 ; from allergic reactions to ADIS. We may see the find of new methods of intervention for assorted types of malignant neoplastic disease, for multiple induration, osteoporoses, Lou Gehrig & # 8217 ; s and Alzheimer & # 8217 ; s disease, to call merely a few.

The biotechnology frontier, particularly developments in the field of familial, promises- and to some grade has already archived & # 8211 ; a revolution in agribusiness and human wellness attention. But turn outing the agencies to develop works species that are more disease-and-pest-resistant, more tolerant of drouth, and able to turn during drawn-out periods of inauspicious conditions. These engineerings will really likely provide future increasing in agricultural productiveness. So far, these techniques have non add much to universe nutrient production ; recent grow has come chiefly from increasing land area in production, in response to higher grain monetary values. However, farther enlargement of productive land is limited, and the increased application of fertiliser appears to be making a point of decreasing returns. Therefore, increased agricultural productiveness from this new field could be indispensable to feed the turning population. The function of human and works genomes, a procedure already good underway, will supply greatly increased cognition of familial procedures and, to some extend, information about how to command them. For worlds, this will supply the agencies to cover with diseases that have familial beginnings or consequence from adult male operation of familial stuff in the organic structure. These diseases include potentially: malignant neoplastic disease, cystic fibrosis, Gaucher & # 8217 ; s, hemophilia, arthritic arthritis, AIDS, hypercholesteremia, and many others. Furthermore, genome analysis of an person can bespeak leaning to diseases whose symptoms have non yet been manifested. Scientists believe that many psychological and behavior properties can be genetically controlled and hence capable to diagnosing and finally, for deviant conditions, corrected. Such utilizations of this engineering, of classs, raise serious societal and ethical inquiries that must be considered. Other applications of biotechnology might bring forth fresh protein for nutrient replacing meat, stimulate consciousness and rating of microbic menaces ( including archaea, ancient bacteriums, being possibly more adaptable and potentially risky than was old idea ) , and creative activity of plantation to bring forth and administer biological merchandises in the ocean. The procedure of cloning was perfected ; grounds by the fact that in 1997 a sheep was successfully cloned in Scotland. Hence, biotechnology could finally extinguish nutrient deficits, better wellness, and extend life anticipation.

Number two on the list is the individualized computing machine. The personal computing machine now sitting on our desk will be replaced by a really powerful, individualized computing machine. It will be able to direct and have radio informations. It will acknowledge your voice and follow your voice bids. It will include a assortment of security and service tools that will do the computing machine suit your ain single demands. When we turn on our personalized computing machine the intelligent agents built into it might automatically demo us high-lights and narratives from last dark & # 8217 ; s football game. It could expose the current stock study on your ain portfolio and inquire it you would wish to do any alterations. It would give us a traffic study for our normal commute to work and propose an surrogate, if necessary. Finally, it may allow us cognize what the tiffin specials are at our favourite eating houses and inquire if we would wish to do reserves.

The 3rd merchandise on my list is the multi-fuel car. In ten old ages, our autos will hold to run into even stricter demands for emanations and efficiency. And to make that, we are traveling to see a gradual displacement to other fuel and power beginnings. Baring a major oil crisis, we don & # 8217 ; t see a rapid displacement to those options. The internal burning engine will still hold a major topographic point in ten old ages. But we will see an addition in vehicles running on energy beginnings like batteries, kinetic energy, fuel cells, and intercrossed beginnings. At first, these will be used in low-weight vehicles that typically travel short distances. But as these alternative- powered vehicles are introduced into the general population, many of our experts believe that they will probably run on a combination of fuels & # 8211 ; like reformulated gasolene, electricity, and compressed natural gas.

The 4th merchandise is the following coevals telecasting set. Ninety-nine per centum of American places have telecastings, and over the following decennary, we will be replacing them. These new telecasting sets will be wide-screen, digital, high-definition theoretical accounts with highly crisp lucidity. Many will be so level that we will hang them on the wall much like a big picture. Finally, these telecastings will unify with the individualized computing machine I mentioned earlier.

Of class, we are traveling to hold to pay for all these fantastic merchandises, and we will likely be making that will the 5th point on the list, electronic hard currency. We will be utilizing electronic money for everything from purchasing sodium carbonate in a peddling machine to doing an international dealing over our computing machine. In ten old ages, our pocket might non jangle, because credit-card-sized smart cards will hold all but replaced our hard currency and keys. At colleges, we will developed a system that will let pupils to pay their tuition, subscribe up for categories, download text editions onto their computing machine, do their wash, enter their residence hall, and order a pizza, all with one smart card. That card, of class, will be straight linked to their parents & # 8217 ; bank history!

The following merchandise on my list is the place wellness proctor. These devices will be cheap, simple-to-use, and non-invasive ( which fundamentally means they won & # 8217 ; t puncture our tegument ) . We will utilize them to supervise our wellness conditions right at place. They will be able to track a assortment of our physical maps & # 8211 ; like liver, degrees of cholesterin, triglycerides, sugar, endocrines, H2O, salt, and K. Monitoring our entire wellness will be every bit simple as maintaining path of our weight today. The future industrial applications of biological science and computer science will let more people than of all time before to take part in making inventive service, to construct new markets and to bring forth personal wealth.

Number seven on the list is another 1 for our autos. It is smart maps and planetary placement systems. Already, we can acquire a planetary placement system in our autos, and it will demo us where we are on a map and secret plan paths. But it won & # 8217 ; t give us any information about what & # 8217 ; s traveling on around us. That is what & # 8217 ; s traveling to be different in ten old ages. We will be uniting planetary place system with the traffic direction substructure to assist pull off traffic flow. So, our splashboard map will demo us where traffic jobs are, and it will plot the best mob around them.

We will besides be utilizing planetary positioning systems to assist halt offense by giving us the power to supervise the location of our autos and other valuables. And we will be able to follow the exact location of our most cherished valuable. Parents will be able to follow the location of their kids as they walk place from school.

The 8th merchandise on my list is besides one we might hold in our autos, and we might besides hold it our office edifices, grapevines, aeroplanes, and even our athleticss equipments. These

are new, smart stuffs that will give off warnings when they detect inordinate emphasis.

Materials in Bridgess or aeroplanes, for case, could direct a signal to a cardinal operator when they detect emphasis, and that operator could direct a return signal for the stuffs to react to the emphasis. Car parts could give us a similar warning when they are nearing the point of dislocation.

What is truly astonishing is that these stuffs will be designed with detectors built into the molecular construction of stuff. And, non excessively far in the hereafter, they will be cheap adequate to be in merchandises all around us.

Ninth on my list are anti-aging and weight-control merchandises. That is something we would wish to see. Over the following decennary, we will see the development of a host of hi-tech weight-control and anti-aging merchandises for all the aging babe boomers. Unfortunately, no Fountain of Youth is on the skyline. If it was, I would be back in the lab working on it myself. However, new merchandises will do aging a small less traumatic. In fact, we think engineering will let us to look frontward to active and comfy retirements good into our 80s.

These new merchandises may include: weight-control drugs that use the organic structure & # 8217 ; s natural weight-control mechanism, wrinkle picks that really work nutrients with enhanced foods, and an effectual remedy for phalacrosis.

The concluding point on my list is non technically a individual, specific merchandise. It is more a tendency that will alter the manner we obtain many merchandises, particularly computing machines and major family contraptions. Within the following decennary, we will get down to rent these merchandises instead than purchase them.

Already, some public-service corporations are developing plans that would let you to rent expensive contraptions ( like H2O warmers ) that use their several beginnings of power. The tendency for public-service corporations is that over the following several old ages they will transform into & # 8220 ; comfort companies. & # 8221 ; Alternatively of selling you a furnace, for case, they good sell you the comfort of keeping the proper temperature in every room in your house.

Those are my anticipations. But what may be even more of import are the lessons we have learned as we & # 8217 ; ve set together the prognosiss. Three of those lessons are peculiarly notable. They apply to concern determinations that leaders in any industry make in this race to the twenty-first century.

The first lesson we learned is that we have to be more aggressive than of all time in tracking engineering. Technology is turning and distributing around the universe faster than zebra musculuss in the Great Lakes. Historically, the United States has taken the entrepreneurial lead in developing new engineerings. Biotechnology is a good illustration. But today, that entrepreneurial spirit is distributing around the planetary, and hot new engineerings are turning everyplace.

But here is the job: That makes our occupations even more ambitious, because: one more engineering agencies increased competitory force per unit area. And two more engineering means it will go harder and harder and harder to place and maintain path of the specific developments they can do a existent difference for us, or our rival.

I mention that the increased accent on time-to-market has been one of the large competitory alteration in the R & A ; D ( Research and Development ) over the base on balls 20 old ages. We see it every twenty-four hours in the United States. Just late, a new toothbrush was developed for Teledyne Waterpik five times faster than any other one of the market. Another illustration is Battlle company, developed the coating that was the cardinal ingredient for the next-generation synergistic Earth. These were wholly new developments, but the company had to take them from the thought phase to the shop shelf in a twelvemonth or less-and, of class, in clip for the Christmas purchasing ground. Therefore, time-to-market is the cardinal competitory factor.

Of class, to acquire new merchandises out on the market rapidly, we have to be able to place and get the cardinal developments in today & # 8217 ; s widespread sea of engineering.

The 2nd lesson is one that folks in Ames may be as familiar with as we are in Chicago: We & # 8217 ; ll travel brainsick seeking to foretell ISU-Illinois hoops games. In other words, stick to what you know & # 8211 ; and team up with people who know the remainder. Companies which have concern in engineering, particularly engineering in several cardinal markets, are frequently comfy doing anticipations. We can non foretell who is traveling to win Olympic decorations, but we can calculate how engineering will alter the Olympic games over the following 20 old ages.

Even thought my residence halls sits practically across the street from ISU, and I can see Hilton Coliseum organize my room window, there is no was I am traveling to seek to foretell what might go on when ISU meets up with Illinois.

And with engineering and planetary markets spread outing in about every imaginable field, industry & # 8217 ; s confronting a similar challenge. It & # 8217 ; s acquiring harder ad harder to cognize everything we need to cognize about every facet of our concern.

Today, for more and more companies, the reply is the confederation. Companies are concentrating their internal attempts on their ain nucleus competences, and they are developing confederations with other organisations to convey in engineering related to their concern. Through these partnerships, they are deriving entree to new engineerings and first scientist and applied scientists & # 8211 ; and at the same clip cut downing costs.

Over the following 10 to fifteen old ages, we are traveling to see concern traveling one measure farther. This motion toward more engineering confederations and partnerships is truly merely a passage. Basically, we are traveling to see the outgrowth of the practical company and the entire R & A ; D confederation. A company might keep a frailty president of engineering to pull off a web of R & A ; D confederations with supplies, universities, and R & A ; D organisations. Possibly it would hold a staff of its ain scientists and applied scientists housed right in one or more of those other organisations. This type of apparatus could be the ultimate manner for a company to concentrate its beginnings on its nucleus concern and still be able to entree the latest engineering at the least cost.

That brings me to the 3rd and concluding lesson about the race to the twenty-first century. So far, I & # 8217 ; ve mentioned scanning for engineering and edifice confederations. The 3rd point refers to doing engineering affair.

As I mentioned above, engineering entirely is non the fuel that can give us the lead in this race we are all in. There were many astonishing engineerings that did non do our top-ten list. They were intriguing to woolgather approximately. But that does non intend they would take to valuable merchandises.

And it gets even more complex, because many of these engineerings will unify and open up huge new countries for growing. For case, when we cross biotechnology and advanced electronic, that opens up a whole new field of biologically based electronics. Will we be turning organic computing machine french friess?

Many, if non most, of tomorrow & # 8217 ; s top merchandises will come from this meeting of two or more engineerings. Mastering this huge web of engineering will be a necessary measure in winning the race to the twenty-first century and beyond. But it won & # 8217 ; t be sufficient.

The companies that will win that race are the companies that will be able to expect market forces and get incorporate the right engineering into their concern.

We need to unite a savvy apprehension of market forces with a through cognition of available and possible engineering. That combination will be the fuel that powers us to develop the hottest merchandises of tomorrow.

Advanced thought, powered by advanced engineering, fueled by consumer demand, driven by duty and common sense will let us taking the lead on continuing the environment and maintaining client precedences front and centre. But taking that type of enterprise to associate engineering to the market place we can utilize engineering to make more than merely better efficient. Our end should be to capture and utilize engineering to derive value-and grab a competitory border.

The narrative with Teledyne WaterPik & # 8217 ; s SenSonic toothbrush I mentioned earlier is one of the best recent illustrations of a company utilizing that combination of market consciousness and engineering enterprise to catch a competitory border. They are utilizing engineering and market consciousness to supply their clients with a more valuable merchandise. And that is how they are working to win the race to the twenty-first century.

I have made a batch of anticipations about engineering and about this race that we are all in. But still, there is truly merely one anticipation that I can vouch. It is that market and engineering forces will go on to transform industry, and we will all hold to maintain up with them if we want to win.

We will all hold to be futurists. Each concern will hold to develop its ain prognosis of taking engineering and market tendencies that will impact the company in the decennary in front. And, they will hold to continually supervise and revise that prognosis and their ain engineering schemes.

Technology entirely will non procure our success. But concentrating on the hereafter with on oculus on the market place and the other on engineering trends- that is what will set us in the fast lane to the twenty-first century.

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