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The Bone Structure Essay, Research Paper

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The skeletal system is one of the chief parts of our organic structures. Without our skeletal systems, we wouldn? T be able to travel, base, or unrecorded! Our skeletal system is one of the most of import parts of our organic structures

There are 206 castanetss in the grownup organic structure, while there are a small over 300 in a babe. There are besides different parts of our skeletal systems. The 2 different parts are the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton is the skull and cervix. The appendicular skeleton is everything from the collarbone to the phalanges. All the parts and all the castanetss is your organic structure helps you to travel.

There are different sorts of castanetss in your organic structure. First, there are the long castanetss ( thighbone ) . Second, there are the short castanetss. An illustration of a short bone is your carpus. Third, there are the level castanetss. An illustration of the level castanetss is your ribs.

There are besides different articulations in our organic structures. There is the skull, caput & A ; neck, shoulder, and cubitus. The skull is an immoveable articulation. The heard and cervix are a pivot articulation. The shoulder is a ball and socket articulation. Last, the cubitus is a flexible joint articulation.

There are accidents

that can go on to the skeletal system. The break of a bone is when there is a interruption in the bone. When person? s bone-end is pushed out of the joint, it is called disruption. If person has a sprain, it means there was a sudden and violent stretching of a joint. Many people besides suffer from arthritis. This is the swelling in the articulations caused by the dislocation of castanetss connective tissue. Osteomyelitis is besides something that can go on to your skeletal system. This is when the bone is infected by a source. The last thing that could go on to you is osteoporosis. This is when the castanetss wear? Ts have adequate Ca for the castanetss to remain strong and flexible.

There are different ways to take attention of your skeletal systems. You should ever hold good position. You should sit and stand up directly. This will assist protect you from striving yourself. You should besides hold a good diet. Fatty nutrients are non good for you. If you have excessively much fat, it can impact your walking and interrupt your bone.

Obviously, the castanetss and articulations are a really of import portion of your organic structure. The skeletal system is one of the chief parts of your organic structure, so you should be careful and attention for yourself.

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