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The Book Of Judges Essay, Research Paper

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The book of Judges is the subsequence to Joshua. It is the 7th book of the Old Testament. It recounts narratives and events from the decease of the Hebraic leader and prophet Joshua to the birth of the Hebrew Samuel. That is approximately, from the terminal of the Israelite conquering of Canan in the thirteenth Century B.C to the begining of the monarchy in the 11 th century B.C. It tells about the Hebrewss from Joshua? s Death to the clip of Samuel. It was written in approximately 550 BC, on tablets named the Ras Shamra tablets. The Ras Shamra tablets where subsequently discovered in the early twentieth Century, even though the narratives and acountings of the Judgess where already known and written. The book of Judges belongs to a specific historical tradition which is called the Deuteronomic history. The writer of the book of Judges, was in expatriate in Babylonia. While in expatriate he was profoundly concerned with foreign domination. So he wrote many of his narratives on the migration of the folk of Dan to the North and the wickednesss of the Benjamites. The writer emphasized that Israel was being influenced by foreign powers and the loss of freedom and prosperity. Recuring throughout the book is the stereotypic expression: “ The people of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Godhead. ” Then after each period or subjugation the

writer introduces another expression: “ But when the people of Israel cried the Lord, the Lord raised up a Jesus for the people. Through-out the book, the book of Judgess Tells about Prophetss, swayers and influencial people such as: Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Gideon, Tilian and Samson. There are besides many more minor people.

The name of the book is really delusory, because there weren? t any Judgess at all, nor any Judgess notified of this book been written. The word Judges was really a interlingual rendition for the Hebrew word “ Shofet ” which signifies a swayer or a great military swayer, which through out the book, influencial people such as Samson and or even Joshua are described as the Judges. The book of Judgess is supprisingly portion of the book of Prophetss, because many Prophetss are mentioned and reported apon. The narratives start with the struggle so stop normally with the declaration. The declaration is frequently the Hebrewss inquiring for Gods forgiveness.

The construction of the book of Judges is quiet complex. The debut of the conquering of Canaan and a word picture of the period of the Judgess. The chief organic structure of the book consists of narrations about the Judgess. The book concludes withe addendums about the migration of the folk of Dan to the North and about the wickednesss of the Benjamites.

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