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The Christian Epic Beowulf Essay, Research Paper

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The Christian Epic Beowulf

The heroic poem Beowulf is the basic good vs. evil long narrative verse form. A local town is being terrorized by a wickedness stained devil named Grendel. The town & # 8217 ; s people pray for a Jesus for many old ages and finally their supplications are answered. A legendary warrior by the name of Beowulf arrives to get the better of the wroth animal. As he promised, Grendel had met his lucifer and Beowulf did it bare handed.

This heroic poem is without a uncertainty a Christian heroic poem. There are many mentions made to the bible. For illustration, the heroic poem references, & # 8220 ; The Almighty doing the Earth & # 8221 ; ( 7 ) in the beginning. A non-Christian heroic poem would non us these words as a vehicle for the scene of their play. The mentioning of any mention to the Bible or anything preventing to it, would non be used in a heathen heroic poem. Other words, spoken in the Christian favour where & # 8220 ; banished by God, punished everlastingly for the offense of Abel & # 8217 ; s decease & # 8221 ; ( 21 ) . This quotation mark refers

to a narrative of the Bible and struggle of good and evil. Never the less, reinforces the constructs of this heroic poem being Christian. At the same clip it shows these individuals realize the wrath of God’s power, farther more beef uping the impressions being discussed. Another phrase that makes these ideas believable is “…protected by God” ( 84 ) . Pagan societies garbage to excuse God and everything he stands for so yet once more, why would a non-Christian heroic poem reference anything mentioning to God. In the terminal the hero wins and immorality is defeated, God is the hero and satin is the evil. In a Christian heroic poem this is the lone true stoping.

We will ne’er genuinely cognize conditions this is a Christian heroic poem or non. But the facts are presented hear and there is no uncertainty Christianity is present in this heroic poem which either manner strengthens my statement. If you still wear & # 8217 ; t believe these statements, so how would it be possible for a heathen heroic poem to mention to Christianity or the bible as many times as it does and state it isn & # 8217 ; t a Christian heroic poem?

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