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There are many intriguing narratives in the aggregation of Contemporary Latin American Short Stories. Pat McNees, the editor of this book, has put together great short narratives that catch many readers? attending and involvements. Two narratives that caught my oculus and that I believe have many subjects in common, are? Talpa? and? Yzur? . These two narratives have many thoughts and ideas, that both writers portion.

I recognized many similarities between these two narratives refering, success for their their loved one through difficult work and agony. For illustration, in the narrative Yzur written by Leopoldo Lugones, the storyteller is carry oning a survey on a Pan troglodytes named Yzur, who he grew to love. He does everything he can to do Yzur talk, merely like any human being. Therefore, he put many old ages into seeking to learn Yzur to speak, believing someday he will. When Yzur eventually had the strength to speak, the research worker was disquieted that he couldn? t repetition what he said in English and beat him. Yzur got ill because of his depression and subsequently died. The research worker had become successful by accomplishing his end, to assist Yzur talk, but abused it by killing him in the long tally. In this instance, the research worker was successful through his difficult work, but didn? Ts have adequate cogent evidence that it was successful.

In the narrative of? Talpa? , written by Juan Rulfo, the success of Natalia? s loved one, Tanilo, came by salvaging his psyche. She and the storyteller, Tanilo? s brother, had struggled to take their really ill relation to see the Virgin of Talpa, who at that clip was executing miracles. Through their difficult work of going for yearss, through the heat of the Sun and the freeze darks, they had eventually arrived at their finish. When geting, Natalia and Tanilo? s brother felt a suspiration of alleviation cognizing that their loved one will be successful. By being with the Virgin of Talpa, Tanilo? s psyche can be saved. But like? Yzur? this success has a ruin, decease.

This leads to another subject that is shared in both narratives, decease and agony. As I had explained above, both Tanilo and Yzur suffered and died. Tanilo had a really deathly disease, that caused his cadaver to smell like a dead organic structure and made him endure enormously. His agony was saved by his beautiful decease, in forepart of the Virgin of Talpa. His decease had great significance to the narrative, because Tanilo died with his eyes open as if were looking at his ain decease. As for Yzur, he had besides suffered a batch by seeking to fulfill his maestro and talk. He tried and tested, but his words wouldn? t come out right. After seeking for so long and knowin

g his maestro was non satisfied with his success, by crushing him, he easy died. Yzur? s decease was meaningful because he really spoke the English linguistic communication stating? Water Master. Maestro, my Master… ? ( p.38 ) . Their deceases had saved both Tanilo and Yzur from enduring.

These two narratives have, I believe two chief contrasts. One of them is the differences in the environment and atmosphere. The short narrative of? Talpa? , takes topographic point in a metropolis of Talpa in the province of Jalisco, Mexico. The conditions was described as hot in the twenty-four hours and cold at dark. There were many dust-covered roads that they had to travel through, and while making so, they met other people who are viing to get foremost at the Virgin of Talpa. The short narrative of? Yzur? on the other manus, had a wholly different environment. Yzur and his proprietor, seems like they stay in a nice house with a large, beautiful garden, so Yzur can be entertained. They were good off and even had their ain cook, who had heard Yzur talk. These two narratives have wholly opposite environments.

Another chief contrast is that the narrative of Talpa is based on a household relationship. This relationship was strong and they had all cared for each other. While on the other manus, Yzur and the research worker had besides a strong love relationship, but I saw it more every bit good common friendly relationship. The relationships are different, which make these narratives more interesting.

The literary manners in both narratives were told in the first individual point of position. Both storyteller? s are in the narrative and are stating it from their point of position. Plus another interesting manner that I recognized, was that we ne’er found out the names of the storytellers. Since it was told from a first individual point of position it was harder to be able to acquire their names.

In? Yzur? the gender roles weren? T that of import as in the narrative of? Talpa? . In? Talpa? , Natalia and Tanilo? s brother, both had a strong function, who had to see their love one slowly suffer and dice. Both, in manner, had a masculine function because they had to be strong in transporting Tanilo for 20 yearss and ne’er giving up. Tanilo had more of a feminine function. He was the weak one, who was needed to be cared for. In? Yzur? their functions I believe had no great consequence on the manner the narrative was portrayed. It is hard to depict their gender functions. Both are males, human and animate being. They are strong and cared for each other.

These narratives, as you can see, portion many ideas and thoughts that make these short narratives adventuresome to read. Comparing these narratives shows how many of these aggregations can besides portion the same subjects.

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