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Our universe is filled with a myriad of different diseases. victimising a battalion of people. Diseases can run from terrible to mild and can impact people of all ages. Over the past several decennaries. there have been an abundant of progresss in the medical field. many in which farther along our apprehension and the procedure of happening the best remedies and interventions for the huge figure of different diseases we have encountered over the many old ages. Although we continue to progress twenty-four hours in. and twenty-four hours out. there are still many diseases in which still stay as an mystery to us ; this includes the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. besides known as CJD. affects around 250 luckless Americans each twelvemonth ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob ) . typically between the ages of 50-75 ( Prusiner ) . It is a rare disease. merely impacting one in one million people ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob ) . but however. it is of import we are educated and go on to larn more about it. Since Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is so rare. there are legion symptoms in which the patient foremost experiences to be considered for this disease. In the early phases. symptoms will include failing ; alterations in slumber forms ; weight loss ; and a loss in appetite and/or sex thrust ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 902-906 ) .

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is a really fast developing disease and does non take long for symptoms to decline. Soon patients of CJD are likely to see myoclonus ( musculus cramps ) ; ataxia ( balance and coordination perturbations ) ; stiffness and problem traveling. much like Parkinson’s ; and ocular perturbations. i. e. dual vision. bleary vision. and a partial loss of vision ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 902-906 ) . Another possible symptom includes fatal familial insomnia. which is insomnia that continues to decline to the point of hallucinations. craze. and provinces of confusion ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob ) .

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Alongside these symptoms. CJD is most normally characterized by dementedness. Dementia is the loss of encephalon map that occurs with certain diseases ; it affects memory. thought. linguistic communication. judgement. and behaviour. If person were to hold these symptoms. they would necessitate to seek medical attending to be decently diagnosed. In order to be diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. a clinical neurological test and an electroencephalography ( EEG ) would necessitate to be done ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 902-906 ) . Along with these trials. an MRI or a CT and a lumbar puncture ( spinal pat ) should be done every bit good to call off out all other possibilities ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 902-906 ) .

With the consequences of these trials. physicians are given a really good thought on whether or non the patient has Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It is non until the patient is deceased when the concluding diagnosing can be declared. After the passing of the patient. an necropsy of the encephalon must be done in order to hold a concrete diagnosing ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 902-906 ) . After being diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. it is important to understand what precisely is taking topographic point inside of the organic structure and how the stricken human came about the disease in the first topographic point. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease can go on periodically. taking up 85 % of instances ; be familial. 10 % of instances ; or it can besides be acquired. taking up a mere 1 % of CJD instances ( Lerner ) . There is no definite cause to this disease. but the “prion hypothesis” is most recognized cause as of now. Before the prion hypothesis. scientists believed Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease was a virus. but after farther reappraisal. they realized CJD does non distribute like a virus would. In the prion hypothesis. a prion is the altered signifier of a normal encephalon protein.

The difference between the prion and the normal protein is that in the normal protein. there is a coiling form along portion of its side. and in the prion signifier. a sheet construction replaces the spiral. When that individual prion interacts with other normal. healthy proteins. the normal form’s coiling portion so converts to a sheet. so that the normal protein transforms into the prion signifier. This procedure continues. doing more and more normal proteins to change over into the toxic. prion signifier. This causes bunchs of unnatural proteins. which so causes the devolution of encephalon cells ( Lerner ) . The encephalon of an stricken single looks much different than a healthy individual’s. One of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease’s chief features is the brain’s sponge-like visual aspect. The unnatural formation leads to many fluid filled infinites in the encephalon. which gives it this expression ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob ) . Unfortunately. one time afflicted with CJD. there isn’t any manner acquiring out.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is one of many diseases without a remedy and unluckily. besides without any medical interventions to decelerate down the advancement of the disease. In sporadic instances there is no manner of bar and if the disease is familial. there is no stating who will inherit it ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 902-906 ) . Although such few instances are acquired in modern times. there are ways to forestall it. Particular safeguards must be set in topographic point in medical countries. particularly when it comes to coming in contact with extremely morbific tissues in people with CJD. This includes the eyes. spinal. and encephalon tissue ( Lerner ) . Another manner to forestall acquired instances of CJD is by the nutrient ordinances ( Lerner ) . In the United Kingdom during the 1990s. there was an eruption of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. which affected people in their teens and 20’s in the United Kingdom.

In 1996. British experts announced that these instances may hold been caused by eating beef from cowss with Mad Cow disease ( Prusiner ) . Since this find and the increased sanitation in medical countries. the sum of acquired instances has decreased to about none. An stricken person on norm merely has approximately eight months to populate. and merely 5 % of CJD patients live longer than two old ages ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob ) . Due to the fast gait of advancement in the disease. many do non see benefits to any drug therapy or nursing attention available to do life more comfy. Those who have slower come oning CJD may see more benefit. instead than those with a faster progressing instance ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 902-906 ) . Those with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease do non hold much fortune and see a hopeless decease. As there continues to be so many scientific finds and promotions. there is no doubting we are farther along in our cognition of this disease than we were 50 old ages ago.

Since scientists now have the prion hypothesis. although merely a hypothesis. it is more cognition on what is traveling on inside of our organic structures. giving patients peace in understanding what is go oning to them. As clip goes on. I believe the sum of acquired instances will go on to diminish so that they are no longer present. Besides. one time the prion hypothesis is confirmed it may be easier to happen a remedy once the disease is more understood. If I were to be diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. I would undergo as many trials as possible in order to govern out the other possibilities and I would have the emotional support needed to assist me get by with my sudden devastation. Besides. I would seek out the best medical attention to assist me unrecorded every bit comfortably as possible. I would make what I could to do this suffering decease somewhat less suffering.

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