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Often times when we read literature, we can deduce certain thoughts or messages that the writer of the work is seeking to exemplify. After reading the drama Death Of A Salesman by Arthur Miller, it is apparent that he is seeking to notice on our society. These remarks on society being expressed are demonstrated in several illustrations throughout the drama.

I think the thought that Miller is seeking to acquire across to the audience is that, today & # 8217 ; s society is filled with people who don & # 8217 ; t acquire the recognition they deserve for the & # 8220 ; small things & # 8221 ; they do in life. These people in society are like & # 8220 ; obscure heroes & # 8221 ; because the difficult work they do might be overlooked. If others around you see that you are non populating up to their outlooks or their criterions, they may set you down alternatively of giving you the recognition you deserve. Other times we do non appreciate the & # 8220 ; small things & # 8221 ; that our loved 1s do for us until it is excessively late. Normally these small things impact us the most.

In this drama, I think the & # 8220 ; obscure hero & # 8221 ; is no uncertainty Willy Loman, an aging salesman, male parent, and hubby to the Loman Family. For illustration in the drama, Willy is acquiring old and his success in concern is all of a sudden worsening. His wage was even taken away, go forthing him to depend merely on committee. Because of this, his two boies Biff and Happy, along with others that knew him, invariably put him down for non ever being on top, stating how he didn & # 8217 ; Ts have any character, and that he was brainsick. No one knew him at work any longer and no

one showed Willy the regard he needed. Others looked down on him non recognizing how exhausted he was seeking to do a life merely for his household. In world, Willy would drive 700 stat mis to work and come place without even gaining a cent. He had to borrow money from Charley merely to supply nutrient on the tabular array so that he could supply a hereafter for his boies. I think that Willy should’ve been acknowledged for that in itself but alternatively, his two boies ne’er even took the clip out to thank him for merely traveling out everyday seeking to do it in the universe. Unfortunately, Biff and Happy could merely to the full recognize this when Willy was at the terminal of his rope, in secret seeking to kill himself. An illustration from the drama that I think demonstrates this is when Linda ( his married woman ) and the 2 boies are in the kitchen while Willy is outside purging. While they are in the kitchen, Linda is seeking to carry Biff and Happy to halt being lazy and acquire out and happen a good occupation in concern for their father’s interest. Linda tells them all about Willy and how he doesn’t get paid for the difficult work he puts into his occupation, all for them. Linda so says ‘he put his whole life into you and you’ve turned your dorsums on him…’ . I think that statement stand foring Willy and his boies, truly proves an illustration of how people in society will handle their loved 1s as obscure heroes because they may non cognize how much the small things in life can impact us.

In decision, I think the writer of this drama, Arthur Miller, has commented on todays society by composing about an obscure hero like Willy Loman.

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