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The Great Gatsby Essay, Research Paper

Jay Gatsby: Shattered Dreams

F. Scott Fitzgerald? s The Great Gatsby is a tragic narrative of love distorted by compulsion. Finding himself in the metropolis of New York, Jay Gatsby is a loyal and devoted adult male who is willing to traverse oceans and construct sign of the zodiacs for his one true love. His belief in realistic ideals and his doggedness greatly influence all the determinations he makes and finally direct the class of his life. Although his purposes are true, he sometimes has a rough manner of acquiring his point across. When he makes his ideals heard, his actions are wasted on a thoughtless and shallow society. It is besides Gatsby? s ideals that blind him to world.

When he foremost meets Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby has? committed himself to the followers of a grail? ( 156 ) . With utmost dedication, he stops at nil to win her love back, after old ages of separation. Everything he has done, up to this point, has been directed toward winning Daisy? s favour and holding her dorsum in his life. The greatest illustration of this dedication is the sign of the zodiac he has constructed, ? a colossal matter by any standard & # 8230 ; with a tower on one side, paddling new under a thin face fungus of natural Hedera helix, and a marble swimming pool, and more than 40 estates of lawn and garden? ( 9 ) . Once a? penniless immature adult male without a yesteryear? ( 156 ) , he transforms himself into a self-made millionaire and builds an excessive sign of the zodiac, all for the love of Daisy Buchanan. He besides strategically places the


sign of the zodiac across the lake from Daisy? s house. From his window, Gatsby can see the blue colored visible radiations of her house.

Get downing from the first twenty-four hours that he meets her, Gatsby does everything within his power to delight Daisy. Nothing has changed for Gatsby every bit far as his feelings for Daisy are concerned, even though it has been five old ages since their first meeting, and despite the fact that she has married Tom Buchanan. He? revalue [ s ] everything in his house harmonizing to the sum of response it [ draws ] from her well loved eyes? ( 96 ) . Inevitably, the two of them pull closer, but this in no manner deters Gatsby from seeking to do Daisy happy. He even terminates the employment of most of his retainers because Daisy is afraid that they will get down dish the dirting about the afternoons she portions with Gatsby. ? The whole cara

vansary [ falls ] in like a card house at the disapproval in her eyes. ? ( 120 )

His trueness to his dream is Gatsby? s most baronial characteristic. Although it seems to be excessively idealistic, Gatsby? [ throws ] himself into it with a originative passion, adding to it all the clip, adorning it out with every bright plume that [ impetuss ] his way. ? ( 101 ) His full being revolves around his dream ; recapturing Daisy? s bosom, taking her off from Tom and populating merrily of all time after in his sign of the zodiac he built with her blessing in head.

Sadly plenty for Gatsby, devotedness is non the driving force that propels life in New York. Society is based on money and power, non faith and love. Daisy and Tom? [ knock ] up things and animals and so [ retreat ] back into their money or their huge


carelessness. ? ( 187 ) Even Gatsby finds himself forced to gain his money through illegal activities and chancing. He sees nil incorrect with these activities because they

are portion of his dream to hold the resources to keep his life style the manner he has become

accustomed. Tom overlooks Daisy? s clip with Gatsby as a? assumptive small

flirting, ? ( 142 ) , non the true love Gatsby hoped it would be. One could inquire if Daisy is worth the worship Gatsby bestows on her. He genuinely loves her, but her shoal, mercenary nature must hold? tumbled short of his dreams? ( 101 ) at some point.

Gatsby is wholly in the dark to the world of society. He has built up his ain dream universe so absolutely that he can ne’er accept the fact that Daisy is ne’er traveling to go forth Tom for him. This sightlessness leads to his dry decease. While he is seeking to protect Daisy, Gatsby is killed by Wilson, who is revenging the decease of his married woman Myrtle. Wilson does this in a tantrum of fury, after he discovers Gatsby was the one to run his married woman over in the street and leave her for dead. Gatsby dies from a gunfire and drift face down in the center of his marble pool until his pantryman discovers his organic structure. For about five old ages, his idealism and his doggedness kept him, and his dream, alive. But unhappily plenty, he had no manner of cognizing that these really traits would besides kill him. ? His dream must hold seemed so near that he could barely neglect to hold on it. He did non cognize that it was already behind him. ? ( 189 )

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