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In the novel The Great Gatsby written by Scott Fitzgerald. Gatsby seems to be misapplying the yesteryear in order to inspire the present. The book is set in the early mid-twentiess after World War 1 when many authors were losing religion in America. I think that Nick is more of a campaigner of the “Lost Generation. ” instead than Gatsby because Nick finds it “impossible to retrieve. ” ( 110 ) while Gatsby keeps hope of holding Daisy as his ain. What Nick is seeking to retrieve is a narrative of true love. But Gatsby has love memories of the yesteryear before the war that were of import and fond to him. That is why he kept them so near to his bosom. The yesteryear is stalking Gatsby and forestalling him from traveling on. In the terminal. it really causes Gatsby’s decease. The memories from many old ages ago brought a hope for Gatsby that one twenty-four hours he and Daisy would fall in love once more. Gatsby remembers the love that he and Daisy shared when they met in during the first old ages of the war.

He holds this one short month they had together to be greater than the 12 old ages Tom and Daisy have been married. Even when Daisy confesses her love for Gatsby. he still can non manage the fact that she one time “loved” Tom. Daisy candidly did non love any adult male. she merely loved money. “I love you-isn’t that adequate? I can’t aid what’s yesteryear. ” ( Fitzgerald 132 ) . Daisy brings up that the yesteryear can non be changed. but Gatsby has an wholly different sentiment that the yesteryear should be remembered. Gatsby believes that money is the key in live overing the yesteryear he had with Daisy. He throws luxuriant parties to acquire Daisy’s attending. “Gatsby was overpoweringly cognizant of the young person and enigma that wealth imprisons and conserves. ” ( 150 ) . Gatsby seems to confound “youth and misery” with history which leads him to believe that the short clip they shared together is tantamount to what she and Tom have now.

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The epicurean and munificent parties that Gatsby hosts at his sign of the zodiac are to demo off the money he has so that Daisy will come back to him. Many would non like the thought of money being the make up one’s minding factor of love. but I think deep down Gatsby knew Daisy plenty to cognize her selfish love of money. so he does non care about the reality of her love. Although Gatsby and Daisy have been passing the last five old ages populating wholly separate lives without interaction. he wants nil more than to travel back to Louisville. where they foremost met and fell in love. to get married. “One of them was that. after she was free they were to travel back to Louisville and be married from her house- merely as if it were five old ages ago” ( 109 ) .

This idea of Gatsby’s is selfish because he is non considerate of the fact that Daisy has a kid and hubby and a life that she would hold to go forth. Gatsby. nevertheless. does non look to care. and merely wants Daisy to come running back to him. He is chiefly focused on live overing history. because he ne’er moved on five old ages ago. Nick tells Gatsby that “you can’t reiterate the past” ( 110 ) . Gatsby’s position on the yesteryear was clear. Gatsby’s response to what Nick says was “of class you can! ” This is what was tormenting Gatsby during the present. He expects Daisy to love him like he remembers her in the yesteryear. The yesteryear is the past and can non be replicated. Gatsby has a difficult clip with this world.

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