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The Handmaids? s Narrative By Margaret Atwood Essay, Research Paper

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? The Handmaids? s Narrative by Margaret Atwood is a dystopia about a universe where unrealistic

things take topographic point. The events in the novel could ne’er really take topographic point in our reality. ? This is

most people views about this novel. However the thoughts in the novel are non so far fetch. Although

the exact Gilead society would ne’er go on in existent life, it is non to state that certain society of the

yesteryear or even the present oasis? T incorporated some of the Gilead society. This essay will discourse

three illustrations in existent life were the Gilead society was or still is in the universe, and turn out that some

topographic points in the universe so or now, used some of the theories of the Gilead society. First, is in Iran,

and other Arabic Countries, and how the adult females have no rights of there ain. Second, is South

Asiatic states that kill babes, because of imperfectnesss or because merely of their sex. And 3rd,

during World War 2 when Hitler ran decease cantonments and concentration camps.In Pakistan, adult females & # 8217 ; s rights are non-existent, and many policies are that of Gilead in The

Handmaid & # 8217 ; s Tale. In Gilead, the servants must cover their organic structures and faces about wholly

with valleies and wings. In Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and similar South Asiatic states, this is a

must for adult females. Other Gileadean-like persecutions take topographic point towards adult females. In Pakistan,

adult females can be raped, and unless there is full cogent evidence that there was no consent, the adult male will acquire off

scot free, and the adult females charged with pre-marital sex and sentenced to a prison term. In

Afghanistan, the constabulary force has and go on to torment and ravish guiltless adult females for

unneeded grounds. This is similar to The Handmaid & # 8217 ; s Tale in that Offred, and other servants,

non merely travel through & # 8220 ; The Ceremony & # 8221 ; , but besides can be used and perchance even raped by their

Commanding officers, and there is nil the servant can make about it. If she speaks, she is normally non

believed, and so she is sent off because she broke the law..

Womans are given small to no rights in Gilead. They obey what they are told by the work forces or

by the Aunts in bend who get their orders from the work forces. They are non permitted to read or compose,

or take part in any extra-curricular activity. For illustration when Offred is asked to play scrabble,

she thinks? & # 8230 ; Now it`s forbidden for us, Now it`s unsafe, Now it`s indecent & # 8230 ; ( for servants

to play games or even read. ) ? ( Atwood 130 ) . They are alive merely to function a intent. In states

such Iran, adult females are capable to similar Torahs. Although more late they have been allowed

read and write, it is on a rigorous degree merely, and activities are out of the inquiry. There is no

specific jurisprudence against it, nevertheless with the Muslim authorities doing it compulsory for all adult females

to have on complete organic structure coverings, athleticss and other activities are about impossible.

Womans in Gilead belong to the work forces. Whether it was Offred, Ofglen, or Ofwarren, they

were genitive points. In many Arabic states, adult females belong to their hubby. Work force, in bend,

may hold many adult females, which belong to them. They must obey their hubbies, or the hubby

lawfully has to compensate to make what he want to his wife.The Handmaids in Gilead had one intent: to hold babes. However, two-thirds of the

babes were us direct off and declared a Unbaby, because of imperfectnesss. For illustration in the

book when Offred says? What will Ofwarren give birth to? A babe & # 8230 ; or something else, an

Unbaby, & # 8230 ; We didn? T know precisely what would happ

nut to the babes that didn? t get passed, that

were declared Unbabies. But we knew they were put someplace, rapidly, off? ( Atwood 106 ) .

This is really similar to South Asiatic states. Many babes are killed every twenty-four hours either because of

imperfectnesss or because they are merely non wanted. In India, female babes are killed, because

household? s are so hapless they do non desire to pay for the miss? s dowery, and wants a male child to acquire a

Dowry, reportedly 16 million every twelvemonth.

& # 8220 ; It feels as if you & # 8217 ; ve been turned inside out. You & # 8217 ; ve merely given birth and eventually you feel

emptied. You & # 8217 ; rhenium exhausted. Your chests are distressingly full of milk. And so you look at your

babe. And you see that she & # 8217 ; s a small miss. And you know that you have to kill her? . Replace & # 8216 ; small

miss & # 8217 ; with Unbaby, and it could be an exact history from a Handmaid in Gilead, at the loss of her

babe. However, it & # 8217 ; s a quotation mark from a adult female in India in 1999. 1999 in the existent universe, non Gilead.Finally, there is the largest and most outstanding of all racial dogmatism in the universe & # 8217 ; s recent

history, the Holocaust of WWII. Adolf Hitler was a ill adult male, yet a smart adult male, really similar to the

leaders of the fabricated Gilead. Unlike Gilead, nevertheless, Hilter & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Perfect World & # 8221 ; thought did non rather

win, nevertheless the harm was much greater. Under Hitler, 11 million Jews were killed, and

many more sent to concentration cantonments. In Gilead, Jews were sent off, and if they didn & # 8217 ; t travel,

they were sent to the Colonies, where they would finally decease. The Colonies themselves are

similar to the concentration cantonments of WWII, where people would travel to, finally, dice. Blacken

people were non considered good in either society. Hitler had them killed, while in Gilead, they

were killed or shipped off to the Colonies. Homosexuals were non treated as peers in either

society either. In the fictional Republic of Gilead, homophiles were frequently killed and hung on the

Wall. For illustration in the novel when Offred comments? There are three new organic structures on the wall..

One is a priest & # 8230 ; The two others have violet posters hung around their cervixs: Gender

Treachery & # 8230 ; ? ( Atwood 41 ) . In WWII, Hiltler ordered all homophiles to decease. They weren & # 8217 ; t even

given the differentiation of being slaves, even those that appeared Aryan. Many Slavs, Poles, and even

German adult females that were non worthy of Indo-european position were used in engendering by Hitler, to maintain the

population traveling. This is really similar to the Handmaid & # 8217 ; s Tale because adult females that were in their

2nd matrimony, tribades, and other non-perfect adult females that still had feasible ovaries were sent to

different houses to fundamentally engender and bring forth healthy kids that were so taken off and

given to the Wifes. If Adolph Hitler had succeeded in his effort to take over the universe and

do it a Nazi Federation, we would wholly be populating in a world far worse than any Gilead.Every facet of the Handmaid & # 8217 ; s Tale that makes it a dystopia can be found in recent yesteryear

or in the present around the universe. The mistreatment of adult females, the violent death of guiltless babes for

the good of the province, and racialist beliefs and actions, and mindless violent deaths of non-whites, efforts

at Theocracies, and faiths deriving in strength, doing trusters out of paraphrasiss and outright

prevarications: All of these are in our universe, the existent universe. Margaret Atwood has created a & # 8220 ; narrative & # 8221 ; that isn & # 8217 ; T

truly a narrative. It is a representation of all that is incorrect with our universe today. So, in fact, this

inventive narrative is non so far fetched. We are populating in it.


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