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The Kite Runner is written by Khaled Hosseini. The novel is set in Kabul. Afghanistan ; a widely distributed metropolis at the clip. Western civilization started blending with Afghan traditions. The novel tells a narrative about a male child named Amir whose closest friend is Hassan. a servant’s male child. The narrative is set against a background of disruptive events. from the autumn of Afghanistan’s monarchy through the Soviet military intercession. the hegira of refugees to Pakistan and the United States. and the rise of the Taliban government.

The Kite Runner tells a father-son narrative with subjects of guilt and salvation which characteristic conspicuously in the novel. The latter half of the book centres on Amir’s efforts to expiate for this evildoing by delivering Hassan’s boy over two decennaries subsequently. There are many subjects in this novel which is why this book is praised so much. One of the subjects of this narrative is the hunt for salvation. Amir’s quest to deliver himself makes up the bosom of the novel.

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Early on on. Amir tries to deliver himself in the eyes of Baba. chiefly because his female parent died giving birth to him. and he feels responsible. To deliver himself to Baba. Amir thinks he must win the kite-tournament and convey Baba the losing kite. both of which are motivating incidents that set the remainder of the novel in gesture. The more significant portion of Amir’s hunt for salvation. nevertheless. stems from his guilt sing Hassan. That guilt drives the climactic events of the narrative. including Amir’s journey to Kabul to happen Sohrab and his confrontation with Assef.

The moral criterion Amir must run into to gain his salvation is set early in the book. when Baba says that a male child who doesn’t stand up for himself becomes a adult male who can’t stand up to anything. As a male child. Amir fails to stand up for himself. As an grownup. he can merely deliver himself by turn outing he has the bravery to stand up for what is right. Another important subject of the narrative is the love and tenseness between male parents and boies. Amir has a really complex relationship with Baba. and every bit much as Amir loves Baba. he seldom feels Baba to the full loves him back.

Amir’s desire to win Baba’s love accordingly motivates him non to halt Hassan’s colza. Baba has his ain trouble linking with Amir. He feels guilty handling Amir good when he can’t acknowledge Hassan as his boy. As a consequence. he is difficult on Amir. and he can merely demo his love for Hassan indirectly. by conveying Hassan along when he takes Amir out. for case. or paying for Hassan’s lip surgery. In contrast with this. the most loving relationship between male parent and boy we see is that of Hassan and Sohrab.

Hassan. nevertheless. is killed. and toward the terminal of the novel we watch Amir seeking to go a replacement male parent to Sohrab. Their relationship experiences its ain strains as Sohrab. who is retrieving from the loss of his parents and the maltreatment he suffered. has problem opening up to Amir. These are a couple major subjects of the narrative which prove why this book is favourable. The Kite Runner is a favourable novel. It has hit the Black Marias of many people and became a best seller after being printed in paper-back book and was popularized in many book nines.

It was a figure one New York Times best seller for over two old ages. Many parts of the secret plan had drawn important contention in Afghanistan. The 19th Afghan embassador to the United States had thought that the novel would assist the American populace to better understand Afghan society and civilization. In decision. The Kite Runner is a favourable novel and should be recommended to all readers who enjoy an escapade filled with treachery. guilt. salvation. friendly relationship. and uneasy love between male parents and boies.

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