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As world has progressed throughout history, his thought of God has changed with his domination of nature and nature? s elements. When adult male made the passage from a Paleolithic to a Neolithic life style, his command of nature attained a higher degree because of the bow and pointer. With the bow and pointer, adult male could now command animate beings, because the bow became an highly efficient manner of covering with animate beings before they could come near adequate to kill. The Gods of the Paleolithic tribesmen, and even Gods of the first crude civilisations were animate beings. As world mastered the animate beings, nevertheless, his thought of Gods changed to go people, as is showed in the Greek and Roman myths. These Gods, nevertheless, lived on Earth and were accustomed to the same pleasances and desires and led the same life style as the Greeks and Romans.

First proposed by the Hebrew prophesier Isaiah, God became a higher being, as world had mastered something within themselves to hold a demand for a higher God. This first God was still immoral and like the worlds, except that he could populate everlastingly and did non brood on the same surface as the worlds, but Gods still lived in Eden, which was thought of as a touchable topographic point in the sky, and still was thought to be in the form of a adult male.

This thought was challenged by another Hebrew prophesier, Jeremiah. He was the first to convey the message that God was holy, apart from the universe, and did non tamper in persons lives. This alteration was brought approximately by the alteration in morality by the monotheistic Hebrews. With the Ascension of David? s boy Soloman to the throne, the Hebrews became a really moral people. After the Hebrews had mastered enticement and wickedness, their Gods could non be an immoral being. The alteration in that God did non care about his people, and was above them was brought approximately because the Assyrians destroyed Israel. The natural reaction of the people was that their God had abandoned them.

Jeremiah was challenged by a 3rd prophesier, Jesus of Nazareth ( Christ ) . He taught the people to get the hang the portion of them that would believe God to proud to assist them. After get the better ofing their pride ( get the hanging it ) that was brought on by losing Jerusalem to the Romans, the Hebrews saw their God no longer as a proud adult male, but as a low loving God. In The Lord of the Flies, the alteration of their God, from animate being to superhuman being, is reflected by their command of nature and natures elements, and world can ne’er be equal or above God.

In the beginning, the male childs? God is in the signifier of a serpent. This is because the male childs? have non yet mastered animate beings.

& # 8220 ; He wants to cognize what you are to make about the snake-thing? ? he said & # 8221 ;

& # 8220 ; Tell us about the snake-thing? Ralph said & # 8221 ;

& # 8220 ; Now he says it was a

beastie? ”

& # 8220 ; A snake-thing of all time so large. He saw it. & # 8221 ;

– Golding pg 33

& # 8220 ; The intermission was merely long plenty for them to recognize what an outrageousness the downward shot would be.

The piggy tore loose from the underbrush and scurried off. They were looking at each other with terror. & # 8221 ;

-Golding pg 29

This last quotation mark shows that, by non killing the hog, the male childs did non hold command over animate beings, so their God, the serpent, is an animate being. The male childs so mastered animate beings and their God changed to that of a shade.

& # 8220 ; Look! We? ve killed a hog! We stole up on them, got in a circle, it squealed and? & # 8221 ;

-Golding pg 62

& # 8220 ; Possibly that is what the animal is- a shade & # 8221 ;

-Golding pg 81

The animal ceased to be an animate being because the male childs had conquered and defeated an animate being, they did non believe they could get the better of shades, nevertheless, until they found the bravery to articulate that they did non be. After the command of shades, the male childs had non yet killed anyone, so there Gods changed to that of a adult male.

& # 8220 ; I don? t believe in no ghost- non of all time! ?

– Golding pg 82

& # 8220 ; However he thought of the animal, there rose to his head the image of a human & # 8221 ;

– Golding pg 93

After the male childs mastered worlds by killing them, the animal could no longer be something human. The animal must ever be above- ne’er equal nor below, ne’er killable nor approachable.

& # 8220 ; Simon came running, shouting something about a dead adult male on a hill? The male childs made a horseshoe and struck the animal once more and once more with their lances? as the organic structure floated off, they saw what little a animal it was & # 8221 ;

– Golding pg 139

After the slaying of Simon the male childs knew that they had the power to kill adult male, so the animal must alter to that of some thing above adult male.

& # 8220 ; This hogs caput is a forfeit, a gift to the animal? Jack said? The Godhead of the flies merely sat on his stick and grinned & # 8221 ;

– Golding pg 125

The Lord of the Flies, the hogs caput, was a forfeit to the animal. The Lord of the Flies is the direct interlingual rendition of the Hebrew word, Beelzebub. Thus the male childs were giving to an immortal godlike being, the Satan, Satan, Lucifer, Mooch the sovereign of snake pit.

The boys vision of God changed as they mastered different elements of themselves. Merely as the Paleolithic tribesmen and the Hebrews thought of god alteration as they progressed both morally and physically and could get the better of more and more, they kept puting at that place end of God higher than them. In the Chinese civilization, for illustration, it was the end of all emperors to go Gods. However, with each progressive measure they took, they raised their thought of God as good.

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