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The MATRIX Essay, Research Paper

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The Matrix

In sing the Matrix, a 1999 Warner Brothers/Village Roadshow Picture release, there are legion mentions to philosophy portrayed in the film. In analysing the Matrix one will be able to see how Descartes? Meditations on Methodic uncertainty, his Evil Genius Hypothesis, and Plato? s fable of the cave are portrayed in this movie.

Harmonizing to Descartes? Meditation on methodic uncertainty he tries to accomplish absolute certainty about the nature of everything. In order to get absolute certainty, Descartes must first put a complete foundation of unity on which to construct up his cognition. The technique that he uses to put this foundation is uncertainty. Descartes starts by looking at our usual beginnings of truth such as natural philosophies, uranology, and medical specialty. He looks at these truths and doubts them experiencing that these are non dependable beginnings of truth because clip shows that we are all finally proven incorrect, much in the same manner that scientific discipline has been proven incorrectly over the classs of history. In relation to the Matrix, the Matrix is? everywhere. ? Harmonizing to Morpheus, the leader of the opposition,

The Matrix is everyplace ; it is all around us, even now in this really room. You can see it as you look out your window or when you turn on your telecasting. You can experience it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your revenue enhancements. It is the universe that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth ( Matrix Movie ) .

The truth that Morpheus speaks approximately is the truth that everyone in Neo? s universe, including Neo has been born into bondage. They have been born into a? prison? built for their head. In respects to the speculations Morpheus is stating Neo that the universe that he lives in is simply a false thought and should be doubted. However, stating Neo what the Matrix consists of is non plenty. To to the full understand what the Matrix is Neo will hold to take whether he wishes to larn about the Matrix or to believe what of all time he wants to believe.

Descartes? methodic uncertainty can besides be seen, as he doubts the senses. He considers the by and large accepted position that our senses faithfully report the absolute nature of world, but discards the senses as a beginning of truth because of the dream statement, which states that there is no definite manner of turn outing that you are either woolgathering or that you are awake. Therefore it is possible that everything that we believe is false, doing the senses an undependable beginning. This dream statement can be seen in the beginning of the Matrix as Neo is told to? wake up? by his computing machine. After? waking? up, his computing machine tells him that? the Matrix has you? he is confused with what is traveling on with his computing machine, the computing machine so continues to state him to? follow the white coney? and the conversation is so interrupted by person strike harding a

t his door. The individual at his door is one of Neo? s clients doing a trade with him for a computing machine disc in exchange for money. His client looks at Neo and tells him that he looks? whiter? than usual. Neo still confused with what merely happened to his computing machine says to his client hold? you of all time had that experiencing where you? re non certain that your awake or still woolgathering? ( Matrix Movie ) . Neo here is confused with what is traveling on and does non cognize what is world and what is a dream.

Another case in the Matrix that show? s this statement is after Neo has taken the ruddy pill from Morpheus and is acquiring ready to be transferred out of the Matrix. While acquiring ready to be transferred out of the Matrix into the existent universe, Neo touches a broken glass mirror and the glass from the mirror transforms to go portion of his organic structure. Neo inquiries what is go oning to him and Morpheus tells Neo? have you of all time had a dream Neo that you were so certain it was existent. What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you cognize the difference from the existent universe and the dream universe? ? ( Matrix Movie ) The glass is in the dream universe and the fact that the glass is transforming to his organic structure shows that the universe that he thought of as the existent universe in actuality is the dream universe.

Descartes? Evil Genius Hypothesis can besides be seen in the Matrix. The hypothesis acknowledges the possibility of an all powerful, malicious being that is lead oning him about everything. This hypothesis in relation to the film is the Matrix itself. The Matrix is made up of computing machine simulations run by animate computing machines or unreal intelligence ( AI ) . The Matrix is the universe that Neo believes is the existent universe. The AI? s are running the universe and are lead oning the people in this universe by non demoing them what the truth is by lead oning them in everything that they do.

Plato? s fable of the cave can besides be seen in the Matrix. Plato? s theory is that we are like captives tied up on the floor of the cave. But we normally can non see the cave itself, all we see are the shadows on the wall. Therefore like the captive in Plato? s fable that is freed and that goes and looks about, that besides sees the cave and sees the fire combustion which is bring forthing the shadows inside the cave, Neo is like this captive in the cave and one time freed from the Matrix he learns that these? shadows? or the universe that he thought was world is being produced by the animate computing machines. He sees now that he has been manipulated like a marionette through the Matrix.

The Matrix is an first-class film today that shows many deep penetrations into the philosophical universe. The Matrix refers to many of Descartes? speculations every bit good as Platonic overtones such as Plato? s Allegory of the cave. The Matrix shows an single how you must oppugn everything and that there are ever two sides to a coin.


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