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Once upon a clip there was a beautiful Dancer who lived in Mexico City.

Raquel: What was she called? Mare: She was called Bella. Raquel: Oh. ( Raquel s prettiest doll is called Bella. ) Bella was the loveliest terpsichorean in the universe, and all the people wanted her to come and dance at their parties. In the eventide she would travel down to the nines or else she would dance in their gardens on the lawns among the statues and roses and fountains, where all the trees were hung with visible radiations like colored stars. Whenever she danced in her rose-red velvet dancing frock, all the people clapped their custodies and shouted, & # 8220 ; Bravo, Bella! Bravo! Bravo! & # 8221 ; In Nella & # 8217 ; s closet at place were rows and rows of other slippers, but she ne’er wore any of them when she went to dance for the people. For the ruddy slippers were charming slippers which made her dance better than anyone else in Italy ; and when she wore her other slippers, she couldn & # 8217 ; t dance at all. Cipher knew this but Bella. One twenty-four hours Bella was in her garden picking roses, and because the dew was on the grass she had taken off her ruddy slippers and left them by her chair. Suddenly a small miss out of the sky, caught the slippers, and flew off every bit fleetly as she had come. Bella gave a shriek and reached out her weaponries, seeking to touch the sky. But it was no good ; the slippers and the small miss had dissapeared.She was to dance that dark for the President of Mexico, but when the people came to acquire her she was still sitting shouting in the garden, and she wouldn & # 8217 ; t state them why. She merely sobbed, and said she wouldn & # 8217 ; t dance. She couldn & # 8217 ; t, of class, because she had lost her charming slippers. Every twenty-four hours after that she sat in the garden and wondered what had happened with her slippers. Every dark the people were sad because Bella, their beautiful terpsichorean, would non dance for them. The following twenty-four hours as she was watching, she saw a 1000 of flashing stars over her garden.

& # 8220 ; Oh, Stars! & # 8221 ; cried Bella. & # 8220 ; You have

been everyplace around the clouds, so hold you of all time met the the winging miss who stole my ruddy slippers? ”

But the Stars couldn T state her no more so they flew off, and Bella wept. One twenty-four hours as she sat in her garden and looking up she saw it was a green Parrot with one ruddy plume in his tail. & # 8220 ; Oh, Parrot! & # 8221 ; cried Nella. & # 8220 ; You live in unusual states and have seen many things, so hold you seen the great Eagle who stole my ruddy velvet slippers? & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; Certainly I have, but they are in the metropolis of New York & # 8221 ; said the Parrot. & # 8221 ; Oh, where? & # 8221 ; cried Nella. & # 8221 ; I was sitting on a roof when the small girl playing with them drops them and leaves them there. & # 8221 ; Bella says, & # 8220 ; Where is this roof in New York? & # 8221 ; ” In a pizza topographic point called LA BELLAS, & # 8221 ; said the Parrot and flew off. But the Nymph didn & # 8217 ; t know that, and anyhow she had no usage for slippers to dance in, but merely to hang in her ears, so she thirstily asked, & # 8220 ; Will you alter? & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; If you wish it. & # 8221 ; said Nella. And she kicked off her aureate slippers and set on her ruddy 1s, while the Blue Nymph hung the aureate slippers in her ears, and looked more pleased with herself than earlier.

& # 8220 ; Goodbye, & # 8221 ; said Nella. & # 8221 ; Goodbye, & # 8221 ; said the Blue Nymph. Then Nella rose to the top of the pool, where the Fan-Man was waiting for her. Equally shortly as he saw her he spread his fan once more, and in another minute she was sailing over India and Persian and Turkey and Italy. And when they came to her ain rose garden, the Fan-Man stopped, and Nella dropped. The first thing she did was base on her toes and dance. The following thing she did was direct word to the ain, stating, & # 8220 ; Tonight I will dance for the Prince of Florence. & # 8221 ;

And that dark, under thoudands of stars, amongst 1000s of colored visible radiations, Nella danced on the lawn in her ruddy velvet slippers better than she had of all time danced before, and all the people, overjoyed to hold their beautiful Nella dance for them once more, climbed on the chairs and tabular arraies, and clapped their custodies, shouting: & # 8220 ; Brava, Nella! Brava! Brava! & # 8221 ;

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