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The Old Man And The Sea: Analysis Of Santiago Essay, Research Paper

The Old Man and The Sea: Analysis of Santiago

Ross Mueller Mr. Harocopos AP. English 11 29 September 1996

Ernest Hemingway had a specific type of character in each and every one

of his plants of literature. These characters were called the Hemingway Code

Heros. Hemingway Code Heros followed a rigorous codification of behaviours which allowed

them to populate their life to the fullest. These Heros lived simple lives without

all the luxuries that others had. They concentrate on the job at manus and make

non acquire swayed by outside events. Avoiding intense personal relationships allows

the Hero to remain focussed. In The Old Man And The Sea, Santiago is considered the

Hemingway Code Hero for many grounds.

Santiago lived an highly simple life, the life of a fisherman.

Although sometimes he wished for some of the modern comfortss others had, he

was able to make without them. Other fishermen had wirelesss to go through the clip while

all Santiago had were his ideas and sometimes the male child. The old adult male asked for

the aid of no 1, for he did ticket without the others. Santiago learned how to

brands due with the supplies that he had. On the boat while he is combating the

mightily fish, he is able to cover with limited nutrient and drink. He realizes he may

be out at sea for a long clip, so he rationalizes his supplies. Santiago headers

with what he has. The canvas on his boat is lacerate and tatterdemalion, dwelling of

countless shreds stitched together. Although a nicer canvas would hold been nice he

knew that he could acquire by with the 1 he has.

Santiago displayed a great trade of grace while under the force per unit area of

catching his great adversary. While combating the marlin he ever keeps his oculus

on the end, and figures out new ways to acquire through the tight musca volitanss. Even when

it seem that all hope is lost, he continues to persist, so he may accomplish his

end. When he is out at sea his custodies spasm, and it looks as if he has to give

up the fish, but he decides to lodge with it in a hope that he may endeavor

through the country of trouble. His custodies eventually free up and he continues on

his mission, merely sword lily that he did non give up. Sharks attack the marlin on his

ocean trip back to his little town, he works his hardest to maintain them off. Santiago

discoveries alone ways to maintain them off. He makes a spear out of his knife, a paddle,

and some fabric. When that breaks, he so uses the other paddle as a nine to

crush the sharks off. When nutrient is low, the old adult male figures out ways to acquire

more without losing his marlin. He sets up another rig while still concentrating

on the undertaking at manus.

Santiago & # 8217 ; s relationships with others ne’er go into deep personal

information, they ever stay friendly and ne’er acquire confidant. His relationship

with the male child is one of great importance in The Old Man And The Sea. Their

relationship is a great friendly relationship which has grown over old ages. The old adult male was

the first individual to of all time travel fishing with the male child. He was a instructor to Manolin,

and showed him everything he knew. The male child would on occasion convey the old adult male

nutrient when he returned if he had non caught anything that twenty-four hours. Santiago read to

the male child about baseball. Manolin enjoyed this vastly. He enjoyed being in the

old adult male & # 8217 ; s company for he cared for this adult male because he was ever sort to him.

The male child prepared the old adult male & # 8217 ; s tease some of the clip. They both offered each

other the best of company. While out at sea Santiago is constantlywishing the

male child was at that place to speak to or to assist with the mighty fish. Santiago does non hold

relationships with any of the other fishermen, outside of polite conversation.

His perseverence to catch his quarry implicates the importance of his relationship

with it.

Santiago & # 8217 ; s humbleness in The Old Man And The Sea should be an illustration for

all to follow. He fishes to be a fisherman. His end was non to catch a immense

fish. It was to angle and seek to catch a fish of any size. He did non plume

himself on catching the fish. He did non travel running to state the other fishermen

of the town about it, he merely went place and fell asleep. Landing the fish did

non affair to the old adult male merely to acquire it every bit far as the side of the boat.

The Old Man And The Sea portrays Hemingway Code Heros to their fullest

possible. As Heros they try their hardest to persist under force per unit area and

accomplish the end in forepart of them. They show the features of a Stoic,

working hard in the hardest of state of affairss. Hemingway Code Heros are really rare in

existent life, but in fiction they survive, puting good illustrations for all.

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