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The Road Not Taken Essay, Research Paper

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In life, each and every one of us is on a journey to our ain finish. Every where that we go we will hold to do determinations that will take us to many different picks, and finally will find our destiny. There are many waies that can be taken in the route of life, and it is up to us to do certain we take the right 1 ( s ) . No affair what Robert Frost intended to convey to the reader in & # 8220 ; The Road Not Taken, & # 8221 ; this verse form has many different significances. It all depends on how we analyze it, but no affair what you get from reading this verse form, the chief construct it demonstrates is that it is the route that one chooses that makes them who they are.

Throughout & # 8220 ; The Road Not Taken, & # 8221 ; Robert Frost brings together many different literary techniques to show the subject or subjects of his verse form. The two subjects in this verse form are, 1 ) the quandary of doing a pick, and the danger of non cognizing where that determination will take you, and 2 ) a narrative stating the reader to be different, and to take the route & # 8220 ; less traveled. & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; And sorry I could non go both & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; [ line 2 ] It is ever difficult to do of import determinations because you are ever traveling to inquire what might hold happened if & # 8230 ; The talker has no manner of cognizing what awaits him at either of the finishs, but he still must take between the two waies.

The most common literary technique in & # 8220 ; The Road Not Taken & # 8221 ; is symbolism. The whole verse form is really symbolic because the talker reflects on the determination that he has to do, and the effects of that determination. The pick that he has to do is non merely which route should he walk down, because that would be undistinguished. The pick he has to do will impact the remainder of his life and find his destiny. It shows us how each and every pick we make effects our lives in ways that we will ne’er cognize. Once you make a determination to make something, there is no turning back and you will ne’er cognize what might hold happened if you took that other route. In the first stanza of the verse form the talker must take between two waies that diverge in a xanthous dark wood. & # 8220 ; In Frost & # 8217 ; s verse forms, forests frequently symbolize the universe in which we live. The dark forests represent the privateness of the ego, the sacred sphere where poesy is made. & # 8221 ; ( Contemporary Literary Criticism ) The first of the two waies is the more common path compared to the other way which was & # 8220 ; less traveled. & # 8221 ; Frost presents us with a challenge that we all face in our day-to-day lives, taking the easy manner out. If you choose the easy, more traveled path, because the out semen is more predictable than if you take the more ambitious manner. Many of us tend to take the more traveled way because we know precisely what is traveling to come of it. Peoples, in general like to remain in their comfort zone, and that is making what you know, and taking the more ambitious manner is excessively baleful or hard for an mean individual to make. & # 8220 ; Doubted if I should of all time come back & # 8221 ; [ line 15 ] . This is the character believing about how he will ne’er be able to come back cognizing that what he chooses now will consequence every other pick he makes from now on.

Imagery is another feature of Robert Frost & # 8217 ; s verse form. & # 8220 ; In several of Frost & # 8217 ; s verse forms, the imagination of forests, trees, and leaves is so closely and persistently identified with certain psychological provinces as to presume a symbolic significance. & # 8221 ; ( Contemporary Literary Criticism ) & # 8220 ; And both that forenoon every bit lay in leaves no measure had trodden

black, ” [ line 11 ] . The foliages were all covering the land, and since the clip that they fell no individual had walked on that route. This means that each clip a individual has to do a pick it is new to them, and they tend to experience that no 1 else has been at that place either. In this poem imagination suggests that the talker must take between two unknown waies that have unfamiliar finishs.

Frost structures this verse form in a straightforward, concrete, and strong manner. This helps the reader to construe the subject or subjects easy. Internally the construction is focused around the quandary of taking the right way, and the ideas that go through the character & # 8217 ; s head during this determination. The verse form moves chronologically from the debut of the picks to the concluding determination. The external signifier is split into four stanzas incorporating five lines in each. Frost organizes each stanza by a common rime strategy. The rime form Frost uses is: Angstrom, B, A, A, B? C, D, C, C, D etc. The accretion of this form allows the reader to hear fluctuations in the talker & # 8217 ; s tone. One could hear the tone alteration from puzzled, to quiet, to meditated through out the four stanzas.

& # 8220 ; Then took the other, merely as fair/ And holding possibly the better claim, & # 8221 ; [ lines 6/7 ] . What made it hold the better claim is that it was grassy and didn & # 8217 ; Ts have many paths of people walking on it. The way with fewer paths was non meant for everyone because most of the other people took the easier way. The fact that the talker took the route & # 8220 ; less traveled & # 8221 ; over the more popular path shows what type of individual he is. The 1 who chooses this way is more inclined to do a difference in the universe. They are more audacious, adventuresome, and proud, and wear & # 8217 ; t need to follow the crowd. This individual knows what they want in life and they know that following the crowd will acquire them no- where. Peoples need to believe in themselves and stand up for what they believe in. We are all single and alone in our ain particular ways, and we all have the power to do good determinations and be in control of our lives and our destiny.

At the terminal of the verse form, the talker realizes that at the terminal of his life, & # 8220 ; somewhere ages and ages therefore, & # 8221 ; [ line 17 ] he will hold declinations about non traveling back and going the route he did non take. Although he has these feelings, he stays proud of the determinations that he made and the way that he took, because they made him the individual that he is today. & # 8220 ; I took the route less traveled by and that made the difference, & # 8221 ; [ lines 19/20 ] . This shows that to him the most of import thing was that he did what he felt was right, which was taking the & # 8220 ; route less traveled. & # 8221 ;

There are many ways to construe this verse form and happen equal and important significances. Robert Frost may hold wanted readers to understand it otherwise, but come up with the same decisions, or he may hold merely wanted every one to hold a common apprehension. No affair how you understand this verse form, I believe Frost wanted every reader to understand that the picks one makes in life will consequence them for the remainder of their lives, and there is no manner to cognize which route you should take. In decision, Frost made a great part to poetry with this piece. This verse form will convey about a more scruples determination devising procedure for everyone who reads it for coevalss to come.

– & # 8221 ; Do non follow where the way may take & # 8230 ; Go alternatively where there is no way and go forth a trail. & # 8221 ; ( Robert Frost )


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