The Rudy Elmenhurst Chapter Essay Research Paper

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The Rudy Elmenhurst Chapter Essay, Research Paper

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Rudy and Yolanda communicated in wholly different linguistic communications. By linguistic communication, I mean the written, and spoken sort. More so I mean the traditions, and values that go manus in manus with larning a linguistic communication. When they learned their ain linguistic communications, they inherited their ain set of ideals, that were changed by what, where, and how they were taught.

Yolanda? s linguistic communication was Spanish. She learned to talk Spanish in the Dominican Republic. Her life style was one of a rigorous Catholic miss. Yo had a really traditional male parent. He allowed nil but what was the societal norm. His societal norms became hers. When she moved to the U.S. , she was wholly na? ve when it came to the American civilization. Yolanda was raised in the manner that the usage of drugs and intoxicant were wholly unheard of. Pre-marital sex was something that was taboo, and purely reinforced. She had grown up with really traditional values that were adopted from her female parent and her male parent. She was ne’er exposed to any outside stimulation. Whether or non it was voluntary, she was forced to conform to the stiff Hispanic values. This conformance kept her at bay. She couldn? t experience the things necessary to go a whole individual.

Rudolf B. Elmhurst was a immature adult male from a broad household in the United States. His parents were easy-going people, with ideas of allowing Rudy develop on his ain. He learned English much the same manner Yolanda learned Spanish. He was taught by his parents. He besides absorbed the civilization around him and he learned the American manner of making things. Rudy had rather a spot of freedom. He could hold come and gone as he pleased. He had no limitations, and was allowed to turn freely. With that chance Rudolf Brodermann Elmenhurst was able to express joy along with everyone else at the reference of his hard to articulate name. He had been allowed to turn unrestricted, but non unbridled. While his parent were broad, they still gave him the attending necessary, and the room to germinate. This independency helped him to be who he was, unbeatable to diss, hurt, and ever in control.

When Yolanda and Rudy foremost met they were in English category. He had showed up late and wholly unprepared for category, the exact antonym of her. She marveled at how he could walk in late, take what she thought of as an awkward scene, and laugh about it. She ever went to category early, had all of her books and was good prepared for category. She besides got highly embarrassed when he laughed about the pencil, which he considered no large trade, but a opportunity to demo off. Rudy and Yolanda had been raised otherwise, and this affected how they interacted socially. This is one of the most marked differences between them that is brought about by linguistic communication, and the ideals that accompany their different backgrounds.

Rudy and Yo were working on their verse forms for category. Yolanda used the manner she had been taught. She followed the instructions to the missive. Rudy had wrote about what he wanted, and tried to be the category buffoon. This was another difference in their linguistic communication. She had been taught to make as told, and do everything right. Rudy was making what he wanted, as he was taught to. He used the assignment as a opportunity to acquire attending, to be noticed. Yo shied off from anything of the kind. She was quiet, and shy, he was loud, and liked attending. This was another side consequence of linguistic communication. In larning the rigorous Hispanic values, Yolanda had learned that kids were supposed to be quiet, proper, etc. Rudy merely did what came natural. He wasn? T taught to fear anything, so he ne’er had that job. The dif

ferent linguistic communications taught different outlooks, and were based on the values of the instructors.

Somehow they decided to work together on their prep. She helped compose his verse form utilizing the phrases and dual significances that he thought would be appropriate. It was adult by her criterions, but she didn? T know what any of it meant. She wrote her verse form utilizing the format that she was taught to. When it came clip for the two to read their verse forms Yolanda read hers foremost. No one knew what she was speaking about because they had a different frame of head. Then Rudy read his verse form the whole category erupted with laughter. The remainder of the category had understood all of the interior gags, and wordplaies. He subsequently explained to her all of the small inside informations that she couldn? t understand. Yolanda couldn? t comprehend what was traveling on because of her linguistic communication, and the manner she was raised. She was ne’er allowed to see anything of the kind, so it all seemed foreign to her, merely as her verse form had to him, and the remainder of the category.

After a short clip dating, Rudy began to seek and present sex into their relationship. He had up to that point corrupted her to imbibing, smoke, and making a assortment of drugs. She still hung onto the fright instilled in her as a kid. Rudy had ne’er had to hold that fright, he was wholly uninhibited. She wanted to see sex, but she told herself no. She still had the old frights in her caput. The menaces of her male parent, the priests, and the other frights she had invented, stemming from the roots of her linguistic communication, and the Hispanic upbringing. The linguistic communication Rudy used, and the ways he described sex had besides driven her off. When he refereed to arouse as & # 8220 ; acquiring laid & # 8221 ; it wholly turned her off. She thought it was supposed to be really romantic, and everything would be set merely right.

Finally she overcame the barriers, and made love to work forces. Rudy was non one of them his American certitude, and defeat turned her off. The manner they communicated about sex, and love was a major difference in linguistic communications. Yolanda had acquired the thought that sex was an act of love, and should be treated as such, and introduced as such. Rudy was interested in the short term satisfaction of & # 8220 ; acquiring laid. & # 8221 ;

Rudy and Yolanda grew up larning different linguistic communications, and at the same clip larning the cultural norms of the country in which they originated. They brought their values with them when they went to college. Rudy had the same manner of free upbringing that most Americans at that clip had.. Yolanda was raised by a austere male parent, who left no room for statement. The barrier between Yolanda? s universe, viewed through her Latino background, and the new universe she moved into was really difficult for her to get the better of.

Finally she changed, and adapted more to the American civilization, as she began to larn the English linguistic communication foremost manus. The linguistic communications that these two immature grownups had learned molded who they were. They each learned a different linguistic communication, so they had different, conflicting ideals.

Gradually one linguistic communication gets assimilated by another. Yolanda began to lose her linguistic communication, and her Latino values. The more popular American manner took over. She was captured by the new civilization, and about wholly lost her old one. Rudy shortly faded from her life. Peoples are affected by how, where, and when they are raised.

Alvarez shows that linguistic communication is a enormous difference in everyone? s? lives. Everything that is the norm for one individual is wholly foreign to person else, and visa versa. The linguistic communication, spoken, written, and cultural drama a immense portion in who we are. Rudy and Yo, are merely two little illustrations of linguistic communication in an of all time changing universe.

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