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The Tell-Tale Heart & # 8211 ; Mind Games: The Narrator? s Madness Essay, Research Paper

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Through the first individual storyteller, Edgar Allan Poe? s & # 8220 ; The Tell-Tale Heart & # 8221 ; illustrates how adult male? s imaginativeness is capable of being so vivid that it deeply affects people? s lives. The manifestation of the storyteller? s imaginativeness unconsciously workss seeds in his head, and those seeds grow into an unwieldy state of affairs for which there is no room for ground and which culminates in slaying. The storyteller takes attention of an old adult male with whom the relationship is ill-defined, although the storyteller? s remark of & # 8220 ; For his gold I had no desire & # 8221 ; ( Poe 34 ) lends itself to the fact that the old adult male may be a household member whose decease would monetarily profit the storyteller. Furthermore, the storyteller besides intimates a lovingness relationship when he says, & # 8220 ; I loved the old adult male. He had ne’er wronged me. He had ne’er given me insult & # 8221 ; ( 34 ) . The storyteller? s compulsion with the old adult male? s oculus culminates in his ain undoing as he is engulfed with internal struggle and his ain transmutation from assurance to guilt.

The arrested development on the old adult male? s vulture-like oculus forces the storyteller to concoct a program to extinguish the old adult male. The storyteller confesses the exclusive ground for killing the old adult male is his oculus: & # 8220 ; Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold ; and so by grades? really bit by bit? I made up my head to free myself of the oculus for of all time & # 8221 ; ( 34 ) . The storyteller begins his narrative of treachery by seeking to convert the reader he is non insane, but the reader rapidly surmises the storyteller so is out of control. The fact that the old adult male? s oculus is the lone motive to slay proves the storyteller is so mentally unstable that he must seek for justification to kill. In his head, he rationalizes slaying with his ain unreasonable fright of the oculus.

The storyteller wrestles with conflicting feelings of duty to the old adult male and feelings of fring his life of the adult male? s & # 8220 ; Evil Eye & # 8221 ; ( 34 ) . Although afflicted with overruling fright and mental unsoundness, the storyteller still acts with quasi-allegiance toward the old adult male ; nevertheless, his kindness may stem more from protecting himself from intuition of watching the old adult male every dark than from echt compassion for the old adult male. The storyteller shows his contrariety when he confesses he loves the old adult male, but he is still excessively overwhelmed by the pale blue oculus to keep himself from the all-consuming desire to extinguish the oculus. His battle is apparent as he waits to kill the old adult male in his slumber so that he won? Ts have to confront the old adult male when he kills

him ; but on the other manus, the storyteller can? t warrant the violent death unless the vulture oculus was unfastened. The storyteller is eventually able to kill the adult male because “I saw it with perfect sharpness? all a dull blue, with a horrid head covering over it that chilled the really marrow in my castanetss ; but I could see nil else of the old adult male? s face or individual: for I had directed the beam as if by inherent aptitude, exactly upon the blasted spot” ( 35 ) .

The mission of the storyteller begins with punctilious planning and assurance, but finally his guilty scruples creates his ruin. For seven yearss, the storyteller watches the old adult male while he sleeps and he even & # 8220 ; chuckled at the thought & # 8221 ; that the old adult male knows nil of the storyteller? s & # 8220 ; secret workss or ideas & # 8221 ; ( 35 ) . The storyteller? s remarks demo his assurance and audaciousness, even pride, in his program to kill: & # 8220 ; Never before that dark had I felt the extent of my ain powers? of my sagaciousness. I could barely incorporate my feelings of victory & # 8221 ; ( 34-35 ) . The storyteller? s confidence in his immorality title continued even when the constabulary came to look into on the old adult male and look into the loud noises neighbours heard the dark before: & # 8220 ; I smiled, ? for what had I to fear? I bade the gentlemen welcome & # 8221 ; ( 36 ) . However, the storyteller? s head is rapidly consumed with guilt, which creates his psychotic belief of hearing the old adult male? s pulse teasing him from under the flooring. His paranoia makes the bosom round & # 8220 ; louder? louder? louder! & # 8221 ; and in his province of craze he confesses to killing the old adult male in hopes of fring his life of the endangering pulse: & # 8220 ; I felt that I must shout or decease! ? and now [ ? ] & # 8221 ; ( 37 ) .

The storyteller sets out to free his life of the fright he created by haunting over the adult male? s oculus, but one time that fright is destroyed, another fright? that of the pulse? is created and becomes more overpowering than the first. In playing head games with himself? seeing how far he can force himself to prevail over his ain insanity? the storyteller slips farther into a fantasy universe. His overruling assurance in killing the adult male finally turns into overruling guilt even as he justifies in his head the barbarian violent death, chopping up the organic structure and puting it under the floor boards. The storyteller? s imaginativeness creates his demand and program to destruct the oculus, but it so creates the demand to salvage himself from the pulse that drives him over the border.

Works CitedPoe, Edgar Allan. & # 8220 ; The Tell-Tale Heart. & # 8221 ; Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Ed. X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. 7th erectile dysfunction. New York: Longman, 1999. 33-37.

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