The Three Faces Of Oscar Wilde Essay

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In the book, The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, there is a character named Lord Henry Wotton. He is the narrative s adversary and whom critics frequently think most resembles Oscar Wilde. Wilde comments Basil Hallward is what I think I am: Lord Henry what the universe thinks of me: Dorian what I would wish to be-in other ages possibly. Within the foreword of The Picture Of Dorian Gray, there lie the lines Those who go beneath the symbol do so at their hazard. Those who read the symbol do so at their ain hazard. From Wilde s statement, we can presume that there is a portion of Wilde represented in each of the chief characters, but how they represent him is up for the reader to make up one’s mind.

Harmonizing to Wilde s statement, he believes that Basil Hallward best represents him. Those who find beautiful significances in beautiful things are cultivated. Both Wilde and Basil are creative persons who like to research all signifiers of beauty.

Every portrayal that is painted with feeling is a portrayal of the creative person, non the Sitter. The Sitter is simply the accident, the juncture. It is non he who is revealed by the painter ; it is instead the painter who, on the colored canvas, reveals himself. The ground I will non exhibit this image is that I am afraid that I have shown in it the secret of my ain psyche. ( 23 )

Throughout the book, it is easy seen that Basil has an involvement for Dorian. There are some homosexual features in Basil but he is restricted by the Victorian society to of all time move upon it. In this manner, Oscar Wilde is represented in the character Basil Hallward.

Harmonizing to critics, Lord Henry Wotton most closely represents Wilde s character. Critics see Wilde s grasp for all sorts of art as a signifier of Hedonism. The organic structure sins one time, and has done with its wickedness, for action is a manner of purification. Hedonism is what Lord Henry believes in ; the belief that all that affairs is seeking pleasance in

life. Lord Henry is besides seen as a bad influence and a really seductive individual. Wilde composing this book is seen as a manner of converting the populace to go pagans and hence critics compare him to Lord Henry.

Finally, Wilde says that he would wish to be Dorian but in another clip. Dorian starts out as a handsome, affluent gentleman that s inexperienced person. He is rapidly seduced by Lord Henry s words and starts to populate life for all its pleasances. These Acts of the Apostless are evidently non accepted by the populace and with his image taking all the defects, his image is ne’er damaged. In my sentiment, I believe that when Wilde said he wants to be Dorian, it s because he wishes that he could acquire rid of a enticement by giving to it, as Henry would state. Unlike Dorian, Wilde doesn T have a image to take his defects and society will non accept him experimenting. In that, it explains why Wilde says he would be Dorian but in another clip, a clip that will accept his giving to enticements. There is besides the possibility that when Wilde means age, he truly intend his age. Henry says to Dorian, Don T squander the gold of your yearss, listening to the boring, seeking to better the hopeless failure, or giving off your life to the ignorant, the common, and the vulgar. Dorian can experiment and take hazards while he is immature, but by the clip that Wilde realized this, his aureate yearss had already past.

The creative person is the Godhead of beautiful things. To uncover art and hide the creative person is the art s purpose. This is the first statement that is written in the foreword of The Picture of Dorian Gray, but Wilde evidently revealed himself in this book. His features and personality is revealed through his three chief characters: Dorian Gray, Basil Hallward, and Lord Henry Wotten. His image of himself lies within Basil ; others image of him lies within Henry ; and his ideal image would be Dorian, a immature and fine-looking adult male with the freedom to fulfill his enticements.

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