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Most people find that a reacurrance of subject in a drama or nevel can be developed through motive. In the drama Death of a Salesman, the chief subject of the American Dream is developed through a character & # 8217 ; s motives, they are the constand larceny of Biff, the image of the new stockings and the form of the Loman & # 8217 ; s auto. One of the most prevealent jobs in the drama is Biff & # 8217 ; s changeless larceny. These events occured many times through the drama and they finally led bosom aching and hurting. As a kid, Biff stole a football from school. Willy, his male parent ne’er thought anything of it. He merely said & # 8220 ; he has to pattern doesn & # 8217 ; t he. & # 8221 ; All Willy wanted was for his boy to follow the American dream of becomming a celebrated jock so he could gain tonss of money. Biff wanted to delight his male parent and through his support he felt that he could carry through anything. As Biff grew older he found himself still draw a bead oning to set up the American Dream. Although it was non for himself anymore it was now for his male parent. While Biff was in a n office speaking to person he all of a sudden found himself running down the steps with a pen in his manus. He had one time once more stolen something but this clip he found out why. All of his life his male parent enstilled values upon him and he was unable to get by with the force per unit area of them. Through these events the American dream is repeating because of the changeless force per unit area to suit in and be like the norm. Another illustration that deals with the American dream and how it effects your motives is the image of the new stockings. Linda Lowman, Willy & # 8217 ; s married woman has had the same brace of porous stockings for months and she is invariably mending those holes. These holes symbolize that the persuance of the American Dream can make hurting and wretchedness. As Linda is seen darning her stockins Willy gets really agraveaated because he feels that no married woman of his should be making this

. He things he has all the money in the world to buy her new stockings. Although Linda never gets new stockings someone else does. The woman is a woman Willy meets with in Boston. One day while Willy was with her in the hotel Biff decided to pay him a visit. He found them in the room and Willy tried to cover it up. The woman would ont leave she kept yelling “what about my stockings” all she wanted ws her stockings. This was appaling to Biff because these stockings were for his mother. These stockings relate to the American Dream because with the persuit of hapiness comes heartache. The holes in the stockings show the holes in there lives because of thier constant persuit of happiness life will never be what it could of been. The last example that relates to the American Dream and how it is developed through motif is the Lowman’s car. The ownershp of the car was considered a suxuary during the Lowman’s time. while the Lowmans children were younger Willy promised to take them on a bisiness trip with him but this never happened. Willy did not want his children to see that he was unsuccessful in accomplishing the American Dream. In the begining for Willy, his car was a way for him to get away but as he grew older, it was a way for him to escape reality. The car was also a symbol of destruction for Willy. He would tell his family that he crashed the car again but they all new it was done on purpose so he could end his misery. Willy was never successful in accomplishing the American dream and with the help of his car he could end it all. In conclusion, the main development of the American Dream was established through a characters motifs. These motifs lead to the destruction of characters in the play. Through the constant stealing of Biff, the symbolism of the stockings and the pattern of the Lowman’s car, the reader could see the evidence of the theme of the American dream creating motif.

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