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Teddy & # 8217 ; s old ages as a kid were non all panting for breath. Teddy was a really funny kid. When he was diagnosed with Polio, the Roosevelt household could hold been devastated but Teddy and his male parent believed that he could get the better of this depilating disease. Mr. Roosevelt set up a gym in the Roosevelt place. Teddy worked out every bit frequently as possible, and after a piece, began to acquire stronger.

In the Spanish-American war in 1898, Theodore was the commanding officer of a horse known as & # 8220 ; The Rough Riders. & # 8221 ; His work at that place helped him go elected as the Governor of New York the same twelvemonth. During the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt was lieutenant colonel of the Rough Rider Regiment, which he led on a charge at the conflict of San Juan. He was one of the most conspicuous heroes of the war. Boss Tom Platt, necessitating a hero to pull attending off from dirts in New York State, accepted Roosevelt as the Republican campaigner for Governor in 1898. Roosevelt won and served with differentiation. As President, Roosevelt held the ideal that the Government should be the great supreme authority of the conflicting economic forces in the Nation, particularly between capital and labour, vouching justness to each and dispe

nsing favours to none. Roosevelt emerged stunningly as a “trust buster” by coercing the disintegration of a great railway combination in the Northwest. Other antimonopoly suits under the Sherman Act followed. Roosevelt steered the United States more actively into universe political relations. He liked to cite a favourite adage, “Speak quietly and transport a large stick.” He crusaded infinitely on affairs large and little, exciting audiences with his high-pitched voice, stick outing jaw, and thumping fist. Leaving the Presidency in 1909, Roosevelt went on an African campaign, and so jumped back into political relations. In 1912, he ran for President on a Progressive ticket. He one time commented that he felt every bit fit as a bull elk, the name of his new party.

With the blackwash of President McKinley, Vice President Theodore Roosevelt, non rather 43, became the youngest President in the Nation & # 8217 ; s history. He brought new exhilaration and power to the Presidency, as he smartly led Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy. He took the position that the President should take whatever action necessary for the public good unless expressly forbidden by jurisprudence or the Constitution. & # 8221 ; I did non usurp power, & # 8221 ; he wrote, & # 8220 ; but I did greatly broaden the usage of executive power. & # 8221 ;

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