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Thingss Fall Apart 4 Essay, Research Paper

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Thingss Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart describes the defects and battles of one proud adult male s tragic life. The chief character Okonkwo is a strong and proud warrior with great repute in the small town of Umofia. However, he is a adult male that struggles with the fright of failure and unmanageable choler. Okonkwo s motives, ways of moving and behaviour in crisis prevent him from accomplishing what he wants, taking to his suicide.

Okonkwo is motivated for his desire of wealth and acknowledgment. The wealth of a adult male in Umofia is step by yams, size of the farm and figure of married womans. Okonkwo did non inherit any land or yams to get down constructing up a farm. Okonkwo needs so bad yams to seed and get down constructing his ain farm that he humbles himself and asks for aid to a affluent adult male in the small town. Okonkwo s repute in Umofia is really good, the villagers think of him as a self-made adult male, difficult working and ardent warrior ; for him is non hard to borrow yams to works, his fellow villagers trust him. He workss the yams and works his land unrelentingly. Although he encounters hurdlings like bad conditions, he became a really successful and prosper husbandman. In add-on to wealth, he wants to get the better of his male parent s failures and achieve great prosperity and even greater repute among the people of Umofia. Therefore, his desire for rubrics and regard makes him one vocal leader of the small town taking duties in name if Umofia, such as transporting messages of war. Okonkwo was good known throughout the small towns. His celebrity rested on personal accomplishments, he gained fame as the greatest grappler when he was immature, 20 old ages earlier.

Okonkwo s accustomed ways of playing is dominated by force and choler. He regulations his compound with heavy manus ; his married womans and kids feared his ardent pique. Most villagers have great regard for him, but they are annoyed by his abruptness in covering with less successful people. His suppressed unmanageable choler most frequently finds mercantile establishments ; it is really common for him to crush to a great extent his married womans for any motivation. For case, during the hebdomad of peace, his youngest married woman, who did non cook the afternoon repast on clip, provoked Okonkwo s justifiable choler. He beats her very to a great extent ; in his choler, he had forgotten that it was the sacred hebdomad. As a consequence, Okonkwo is punished, as is the usage by Ezeani, the priest of the Earth goddess. Peoples in the small town said his good luck had gone to his caput and he had no regard for the Gods of the kin. His deficiency of forbearance toward his boy Nwoye made their relationship based on fright alternatively of love and regard. Okonkwo wants his boy to be a successful husbandman and a great adult male, hence he encourages him by stating masculine narratives and by allowing him know that was right to be masculine and to be viole

National Trust. However, Nwoye preferred his female parent s narratives, so, Okonkwo saw excessively much of his male parent in him. Okonkwo assigns adult male s undertakings to Nwoye, but ever finds mistakes in his attempts to make them right, hence, Nwoye was frequently reprimanded and beaten. Okonkwo told him one time I would non hold a boy who can non holds up his caput in the assemblage of the kin. I would sooner strangulate him with my ain custodies. The white Christian attracted Nwoye, so he starts traveling to their meetings, Okonkwo disapproved his actions by crushing him. Nwoye loses love and regard for his male parent and he leaves place to fall in the Christians missionaries.

Okonkwo faces a struggle of emotion when Umofia decides to kill Ikemefuna. Okonkwo likes the male child like a boy, he is pleased the manner Nwoye develops being close to Ikemefuna, The group of seniors do non desire Okonkwo to take part in Ikemefuna forfeit, the male child has a close relationship with him. Although Okonkwo was afraid to lose him, he decides to travel with them, he does non wanted to demo any feeling for Ikemefuna. When one of the work forces hit the male child with his matchet, Okonkwo looks off, Ikemefuna calls, My male parent they have killed me! as he ran towards him, dazed with fright Okonkwo cuts him down. He was afraid to demo any mark of failing that would be contrary of his image, a masculine and violent warrior. However, the worst crisis of Okonkwo s life happens when he kills one of the white s couriers at Umofia s meeting. The meeting was an chance for the small town to get down war against the white colonialists, Okonkwo argues. Okonkwo s choler and desire of retribution is so high that he kills one of the couriers of the white s tribunal. Okonkwo knew that Umofia would non travel to war, they did non take any action, and they let the other couriers to get away. He heard voices inquiring, Why did he make it? Okonkwo feels abandoned, he is sad that his people did non contend the Whites like a adult male ; the warrior spirit of Umofia is gone. Okonkwo is entirely, his choler turns into fright, the fright of expatriate one time once more, and the fright of confronting the white s tribunal and traveling to imprison. Not holding the support of his people was a strong blow to his pride. Sing his small town ascendants and traditions falling apart, hence, he decides to kill himself. After all deep inside someway Okonkwo was like his male parent, weak interior, taking the easy manner out: taking their ain lives. They were fearful of confronting the effects of their failings and failures.

Okonkwo s frights, unmanageable choler, and unwillingness to accommodate to a altering society caused by colonialism, led him to his devastation. His ways of moving prevented him to carry through what he wanted. His life was ruled by force, choler, and fright of himself. His behaviour was dominated by the shadow of his male parent s failures. By taking his ain life, Okonkwo s soul deep inside somehow was weak as his male parent s.

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