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The verse form is a deductive verse form written by a much older individual to the small kept woman. The 46 line verse form can be said to be divided into three different parts where the writer tries to do a point. The first portion. lines 1- 20. introduces the restriction of clip in for the poet to sing of the mistresses’ beauty and shyness. This is seen in line 1 where the poet says “Had we enough time” and “…an hundred old ages should travel to praise…Thine eyes. and on thy forehead gaze” .

By and large. the verse form is an statement that follows emanation of the poet’s idea. In the 2nd portion of the verse form. lines 21-32. poet says that with the poet reasoning that clip is so short and unfavourable to lovers as they can non bask their love for long as “…time is winged” “…And you quaint honor bend to dust. And into ashes all my lust” . In the 3rd portion. lines 33-46. the poet draws a decision that due to the fact that life is short and clip limitless. they should throw away any attention and rupture their pleasance with unsmooth discord.

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The tone of the poet used a flirty and seductive tone in conveying his message to his darling kept woman. The scene of the verse form is in mediaeval times when it was socially unacceptable for ladies to show their desire for a adult male even though they are in love with him. They are to demo some “coyness” at first so feign indifference to the romantic progresss of work forces. He used seductive words like “…two hundred to adore each breast” ( line 15 ) . “…and your quaint award turns to dust… and into ashes all my lust” ( lines 29 and 30 ) .

The poet uses rhyme strategy that follows the aa. BB. milliliter form. He besides uses metaphorical look in the verse form. This can be seen in lines 11. 22. 35 and 36. In add-on to this. the poet used imagination as a tool in the verse form. This can be seen in lines 6. 12. 16. 24. 27. 29. 30. 36. 38. 39. He besides used simile in lines 34 “…like forenoon dew” . and lines 38 “…like amative birds of prey” . He besides used allusion in line 11 where he said “…vegetable love” .

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