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Ulysses, By James Joyce Essay, Research Paper

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Initial reactions to the novel Ulysses, by James Joyce were that this book parallels itself with Homer s Odyssey. I ab initio thought that the thought of a twenty-four hours in the life of book would be interesting to read every bit good. In about every novel you are able to acquire inside the caput of the chief characters and are able to experience their emotions at the minutes they are experiencing them and are able to see what they experience but really seldom does a fresh return you through every facet of a human existences twenty-four hours and ab initio that is what I though this novel would be approximately.

Statements that intrigued me from the novel were, A adult male of mastermind makes no errors. His mistakes are volitional and are the portals of find. I liked this quotation mark because it is really true to life. Everyone makes errors, but it is these errors, which we learn from, and what enable us to turn into the people we are.

What attracted me to this novel was that it all took topographic point in the class of one twenty-four hours. I was fascinated by the about a twenty-four hours in the life of type novel which I hadn t read anything of that type in ages. I was intrigued by the chance to read and be able to experience and see every facet of a human existences twenty-four hours.

The character that intrigued me was Leopold Bloom merely because he was a lone wolf, and I am non the type of individual who is afraid to be entirely and have a demand to hold company every waking minute of the twenty-four hours. However that is all I could acquire out of Bloom. I could non place really good with him and for this I was fascinated. For Leopold Bloom was a Judaic adult male who was really shut off from his Catholic and frequently anti-semitic associates. He truly did non hold anything else in common with

his co-workers either. Other facets and features of his disaffection are how he left his house key in his other brace of bloomerss but he was excessively afraid to travel back and recover it for he did non desire to wake Molly. His full name does non even appear in the newspaper study. There was no room for him at his office, and at one point during the twenty-four hours he is even struck by an gap door. Bloom is a thoroughly whole adult male, the negatives of his life out weigh the positives like so many of us but he is no saint and for that we can non hold excessively much understanding for him, merely like any other typical human being.

Ulysses is really similar to Homer s Odyssey. Homer s heroic poem about seemed to be the theoretical account or construction that Joyce used to make Ulysses. In the Odyssey, Telemachus decides to go forth Ithaca and to seek for his male parent, Odysseus, so that he and Telemachus might return place and will be able to drive away the suers who are profaning Ithaca while wooing Penelope, Odysseus married woman. In Ulysses, Stephen Dedalus is being forced out of the Tower by Haines and Mulligan. Just as Calypso held Odysseus prisoner, his married woman Molly is keeping Leopold Bloom prisoner. At the terminal of the Odyssey, Odysseus is reunited with his married woman Penelope. At first, Penelope does non acknowledge her hubby but is convinced merely after Odysseus describes their bed. In Joyce s novel the scene is recreated with the Blooms bed, whose jangling sound has been heard, foreshadowed and developed through several scenes in the novel.

Striking inside informations in this novel are how James Joyce s characters are so spookily similar to Homer s characters. Stephen Dedalus is Telemachus, Ithaca is the Blooms house, Molly Bloom is a mixture of both Penelope and Calypso, and Ulysses is Odysseus.

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