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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Essay, Research Paper

LENIN ( Ulyanov ) Vladimir Ilyich ( besides used other anonym such as V. Ilyin, K. Tulin, Karpov and others ) .

Born: 10th ( 22nd ) April 1870 in Simbirsk ( now Ulyanovsk ) .

Organizer of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and laminitis of the Soviet province, he continued the radical instruction of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Born in the household of a public-school inspector. His senior brother Alexander, a member of the & # 8220 ; People & # 8217 ; s Freedom & # 8221 ; motion, was sentenced to decease in 1887 for engagement in readyings for an blackwash effort on the Tsar. In 1887 Lenin finished secondary school [ eg. senior high school ] and entered the jurisprudence module of Kazan University. He was arrested in December 1887 for engagement in a pupil radical motion, was expelled from the university and exiled to the small town of Kokushkino in Kazan Province. In October 1888 he returned to Kazan, where he became a member of a Marxist society. In 1889 he moved to the metropolis of Samara. In 1891 he took and passed extramural tests at the jurisprudence module of St Petersburg University and got work every bit adjunct to a justness of the jurisprudence in Samara. In August 1893 he moved to St Petersburg. In Fall 1895 he set up the St Petersburg & # 8220 ; Union for the release of the working category & # 8221 ; . At the beginning of December 1895 he was arrested and in February 1897 exiled to Siberia for three old ages. In 1900 he went abroad, where together with G.V. Plekhanov he began to print the newspaper & # 8220 ; Iskra & # 8221 ; ( & # 8221 ; Spark & # 8221 ; ) .

At the 2nd conference of the Russian Social Democratic Working Party ( 1903 ) Lenin was instrumental in puting up a new type of Bolshevik Marxist Party. During the revolution of 1905 -1907 Lenin developed the thought of the hegemony of the labor in the businessperson democratic revolution, and worked out the theory of the enlargement of the businessperson democratic

revolution into socialist revolution. At the beginning of November 1905 Lenin came to St Petersburg to take control of the radical battle. In December 1905 he directed the 1st conference of the Bolsheviks at Tammerfors. From December 1907 onwards, as an emigre, he continued the battle for the endurance and consolidation of the illegal party. In June 1912 he moved from Paris to Krakow, where he supervised publication of the Bolshevik newspaper “Pravda” . During this clip he developed a Marxist programme on the nationalities inquiry. At the terminal of July 1914 he was arrested by the Austrian constabulary, but was shortly released and left for Switzerland. During the 1st World War he promoted the motto of change overing imperialist into civil [ radical ] war. Following the bourgeois-democratic revolution of April 1917, he moved to Petrograd and pointed the socialist revolution towards triumph, whilst concealing from the persecution of the bourgeois probationary authorities. During this clip he developed a program for the labor to prehend power by agencies of an armed rebellion.

On 10th ( 23rd ) October at a session of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party a declaration put frontward by Lenin sing armed rebellion was passed. On 24th October ( 6th November ) Lenin arrived at Smolny and took charge of the October Uprising. He was elected caput of the Soviet Government. On 11th March 1918, together with the Party Central Committee and the Soviet Government, Lenin moved to Moscow, which so became the capital of the Soviet province. During this clip Lenin worked out a program for the building of socialism and set forward rules for a new economic policy. In 1922 he fell earnestly badly. In December 1922 & # 8211 ; March 1923 he dictated a series of articles which formed his bequest to the Party and the Soviet people in their battle for socialism and communism. V.I. Lenin died on 21st January 1924.

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