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Wild Child, Movie Review Essay, Research Paper

Wild Child

Communication is a big portion of human interaction. In the film, & # 8220 ; Wild Child & # 8221 ; Victor is taught how to pass on with others. Harmonizing to Maslow & # 8217 ; s Hierarchy of Needs, Victor attempts at run intoing his lower degree to higher degree demands.

Harmonizing to Maslow & # 8217 ; s hierarchy of Needs, the lowest degree of demand is physiological. Victor attained this demand by utilizing the natural state to the fullest. When the adult female was in the wood roll uping berries, she saw him, and he fled. Subsequently when the huntsmans were seeking to happen Victor, he used his encephalon and his knowing of the forests to seek to get away. He was basically an animate being when the huntsmans found him. When he felt his safety was threatened, he ran and hid in a hole in the land. The lone thing that got him out of the hole was when one of the huntsmans lit some subdivisions and stuck it in the hole. Victor came out because he couldn & # 8217 ; t breath.

Maslow & # 8217 ; s Hierarchy of Needs says that safety is the following measure up from psychological demands. Victor shows this a twosome of times. The first, of coarse is when the Canis familiariss and huntsmans are after him, and he tries to get away by running, and so traveling down the hole.

Another clip Victor shows that he needs to experience safe is whenever he is resists traveling someplace and has to be picked up and carried.

Victor shows that he needs to be loved many times throughout the film. While watching the film, the spectator acquire the feeling that Victor can understand the housekeeper and the physician when they tell him he has done something good, or bad. The housekeeper shows love to victor about from the really get downing. Many times throughout the film sh

vitamin E gives him clinchs and busss. When she does this, she brings him near to her and he doesn’t put up a battle. With about every other individual that came in contact with him, he has thrashed about ( with the exclusion of the physician ) . Victor shows the physician and the housekeeper, indirectly, that it is necessary for them to handle him with love and kindness.

As Victor lived with the physician and the housekeeper his self-esteem grew. The male child did non understand the spoken word so it was difficult for him to pass on with the physician. At the terminal of the film, while the physician is giving Victor a lesson, he decides to see if Victor understands the difference between if he does right, or incorrect. The physician tests him multiple times if he knows the word for scissors, and during the last trial, he decides to penalize Victor if he gets it right or incorrect. Victor & # 8217 ; s penalty is he has to stand in a closed in the dark with the door closed. When the physician tries to set Victor in the cupboard, Victor battles and wiggles, and the physician eventually realizes that Victor has esteem. He finds out that if Victor thinks he is right, he is non traveling to accept the penalty, if he feels it & # 8217 ; s justified.

The top grade of Maslow & # 8217 ; s Hierarchy of Needs is self-actualization. This means that a homo has reached the topographic point where he & # 8217 ; s met his possible. Victor did non make his possible by the terminal of the movie, but the physician said that he and the housekeeper were traveling to be able to take attention or Victor, and go on the instructions they started about a twelvemonth before. This leads the spectator to believe that Victor reaches a degree of communicating where he can interact with everyone, and non merely specific people that he has grown accustomed to.

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