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September 27, 2000

Word 2000 Features

While you may believe that you know all there is to cognize about utilizing Microsoft

Word 2000? , you may be surprised to happen out otherwise. Many people feel that

every word-processing plan is the same. In both professional and academic

environments, you will be required to type studies, memos, etc. As a pupil and

a concern professional, it helps to cognize cutoffs and assorted ways of

data format and voyaging through a word papers. As shown in? The Shelly

Cashman Series? for Microsoft Word 2000? Introduction? there are assorted

ways to arrange paperss efficaciously.

The book gave exemplifying instructions on assorted arranging maps such

as making italicized words, utilizing different founts, paragraph formats, line

spacing, car right characteristic, and the interpolation of symbols. With all of the

characteristics discussed it would be impossible to depict all of them in one paper.

I personally found many of these characteristics to be new cutoffs for myself every bit good

as a great learning experience.

For illustration, Word provides an AutoCorrect characteristic that automatically corrects

such mistakes as grammar, capitalisation, and spelling. These mistakes are corrected

as we type them into a papers. With this characteristic, even the worst English

pupils can compose a nice paper. Many people frequently rely on the car correct

characteristic, which sometimes can be misdirecting. I say this because the car correct


is non unfailing significance that it does non acknowledge every error made

by the individual typing the papers.

Another characteristic in which I had learned from a old computing machine category was the

process for infixing symbols into a papers. I had gone through high school

and college non cognizant that Word was capable of infixing symbols into a

papers. I had ever received recognition off of documents for neglecting to input the

right of first publication or hallmark symbols when needed. With Word 200 you can infix many

symbols into a papers such as a hallmark symbol, copyright symbol, and even a

smiley face. These symbols can be created by typing assorted expressions of

characters and letters. Some symbols can even be inserted by snaping Insert on

the bill of fare saloon, snaping symbol, snaping particular characters tab, snaping the

coveted symbol, so snaping the insert button. Again, there is normally a few

different ways to arrange points in Word but it is what you prefer when it comes

down to the bottom line.

In decision, we can see that Word is a alone and complex application that

requires much preparation to wholly understand. Improvements are continuously

being made and package is going outdated quicker than of all time before. With the

basic cognition of Word and apprehension of a computing machine you can larn a batch. The

best manner to larn is to research your computing machine and research the characteristics that Word

has to offer. With the cutoffs that I have learned I can candidly state that I

can be a much more efficient and productive employee and pupil.

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